5 hotels to discover in Brittany

5 hotels to discover in Brittany

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** Brittany is one of the most beautiful French regions. It has the distinction of offering its tourists a change of scenery and tradition. In the heart of these Celtic lands, you will enjoy many tourist sites, beaches where only nature dominates, gourmet and marine cuisine, and events around the sea. For your stay, we suggest you discover 5 hotels that we have selected for their originality and incredible decoration. **

A touch of gray

Balmoral At the Best Western Balmoral hotel in Saint-Malo, each room is made up of designer furniture and offers optimal comfort.

Belle-Île en Mer, Marie Galante

Stermaria Ideally located on the heights of the city of the Palace in Belle-Île-en-Mer, the House of Stermaria welcomes you in a setting as natural as Breton. Indeed, it is in a traditional house, which offers a breathtaking view of the sea, that the charming hotel opened.

Comfort and color

Stermaria A neat decor, a sober and natural design, the atmosphere of the rooms of the House of Stermaria is as warm as the Breton island on which it is located.

An exceptional place

Tri Men In Sainte-Marine, between the lighthouse and the sea, the Villa Tri Men is an architectural gem transformed into a hotel today. Intimate and family, the Villa Tri Men is an establishment where life is good and where the decoration has been very well worked.

View room

Tri Men With an unobstructed view of the sea, the city and the port of Sainte-Marine, a sober and sophisticated decor, the Villa Tri Men is the ideal place to discover the charm of Finistère. Even in the establishment, the sea remains subtly present.

Majestic and maritime

Brittany The Brittany hotel is located in the beautiful town of Roscoff. The establishment is authentic and overlooks the sea like a beacon. Inside, a warm, comfortable and traditional atmosphere awaits you.

A haven of comfort

Brittany At the Brittany hotel, the rooms are spacious and very comfortable. Light colors and wood are in the spotlight, while a soft and warm blanket awaits you on the bed.

In the heart of Morbihan

Kerisper Lodge Do you want to spend a few days in an establishment as magnificent as it is warm? It is in Trinité-sur-Mer that you will find your happiness thanks to Lodge Kerisper. Ideally located near Carnac and Quiberon, Lodge Kerisper is also equipped with a swimming pool, a bar and a relaxation area.

Some charm

Kerisper Lodge At Lodge Kerisper in Trinité-sur-Mer, the rooms are typical of good boutique hotels. Wood is everywhere and the beds adorned with refined quilts. The light colors bring a cozy touch to the bedroom and your stay.


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