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Pretty gingerbread houses for Christmas

Pretty gingerbread houses for Christmas

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During this holiday season, you will see them bloom everywhere on blogs and on various websites. Because gingerbread houses are rooted in the Christmas tradition. For your viewing pleasure, we have prepared a small selection of the best of its kind. Something to salivate a little before the famous turkey!

We assemble it as a kit

Morrisson's Christmas If you want to make one by yourself, many brands offer easy patterns and directions for making a gingerbread house. The workshop will be as fun for you as it is for your children. So going? Source: Morrisson's Christmas

A fairly classic pavilion

Cake Central In the pure Christmas spirit, we love this house made up of many gingerbread elements. In addition to the walls, the shutters, the fence and the flower pots are also made of biscuit. A good icing, a few touches of color and voila! Source: Cake Central

Christmas colors in the spotlight

Solvang Bakery At Solvang Bakery, we also offer you kits. This gingerbread mansion made of red and green is a great way to set the tone for Christmas decorations in any room. Place it on top of your piano or buffet and the holiday season starts instantly! Source: Solvang Bakery

A moment of sweetness

Lulu's Sweet Secrets A gingerbread house can also release a lot of poetry. This is the case with a touch of pink. Tempting cookies and candies that are reminiscent of the Hansel and Gretel tale of the Grimm brothers. Source: Lulu's Sweet Secrets

The spirit of Christmas represented

Highlands Museum In a rather monumental style, we love this gingerbread house representing the North Pole station where the Santa Claus train full of gifts is on the way! Source: Make it Right

Sacred miniatures!

Story by Modcloth Dress your cups with these tiny gingerbread houses. And each with a different decor! We decorate their roofs with sugar, candy, chocolate and create patterns with frosting. Source: Story by Modcloth

So cute

Biscuiteers A little our favorite, this gingerbread house, once again mountain chalet style, seduces us with its colors and its elegant setting. The tones always recall the season and the profusion of frosting makes us lick our lips! Source: Jacqueline Olson

The little village

Pop and Soda In a rather snowy style, these two gingerbread shacks are combined with the traditional royal icing. Consider making other decorative items such as Christmas trees made with star-shaped cookie cutters and some small meringue mushrooms. Source: Pop and Soda

A real party decor

Snippet and Ink And these pretty houses can also be used as decoration, as a centerpiece or on a buffet. You present your guests with a variety of different shapes and frostings to better devour them later. Source: Sinnet and Ink