10 ideas to bring flowers into the house

10 ideas to bring flowers into the house

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To give the house a touch of nature while waiting for spring, we put on flowers that settle in all rooms. And for that, there are many decorative accessories that are sure to flower the house. Here are 10 ideas for bringing flowers into the house.

Japanese flowered panels

Home Collection ### If the stickers are not enough to protect you from the outside view, you can also choose Japanese panels that will elegantly dress your windows. Thanks to digital printing, you can choose your favorite flower as a motif.

Flower curtains

La Redoute ### And if you want to opt for more traditional curtains, know that you will also find floral models in different styles. Charming patterns with delicate flowers or almost abstract patterns with graphic flowers.

Flowers on a mirror

Kraft Decoline ### Rather than opting for a simple mirror, bet on a mirror decorated with elegant flowers. You will only have to see yourself between the petals!

Flowers on a carpet

La Redoute ### To have the impression that your soil is welcoming flowers, choose a carpet that features the plants of your choice. You will bring a delicate style to your room.

Flower cushions

Linum ### To give a spring style to your sofa, you can choose flower cushions that will dress the seat. By choosing dynamic colors, you will spice up the entire sofa.

Flowers growing on the walls

Miss Print Boutique ### Wallpaper is the best solution for re-greening the walls of your room. You can opt for graphic flowers that will energize the wall surface or for delicate and feminine flowers in a liberty style.

Flowers on the bed linen

Olivier Desforges ### For the impression of sleeping in a garden, opt for bed linen with floral patterns. Again, you will find a multitude of patterns and colors to match your style.

Stickers to decorate the walls

Prédeau ### Flowers also grow on walls thanks to stickers! You will find many models that present poppies, tulips, roses or even stylized flowers to create the decor.

At the table with flowers

Vis à Vis ### Finally, to give a rustic look to your lunch and dinner, bet on a tablecloth or floral place mats. Your meals will then take on a very pleasant spring look.