The sofa bench: practical and design

The sofa bench: practical and design

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If for you the sofas are too traditional or take up too much space, why not choose a sofa bench? Between practicality and design, this sofa will seduce the inhabitants of the studios but also the amateurs of refined interiors. Demonstration.

A bench for a rock spirit

La Redoute ### If the sofa is too conventional for your interior, bet on a very refined bench in shades of black that will blend in with your decor. The lines of the bench will bring a very graphic spirit.

A cushion-style bench seat

La Redoute ### If you want comfort without giving yourself an overly massive sofa, prefer this bench that looks like a giant cushion that you could have folded in half. Its trendy color will make it an ally of modern interiors.

A soft bench

Leroy Merlin ### Note that if you want to add a more cozy touch to your bench, just add cushions to it. It changes its look and gives a very cocooning spirit.

An urban bench

Paragraph ### For the studios for young people, we opt for a bench which takes up London codes with an English bus and a short sentence in the language of Shakespeare. What dust off the bench!

A bench and his chair

Leroy Merlin ### It should be known that one can completely reproduce a complete living room with benches. Indeed, we often find an armchair model to associate with the larger model.

A sofa-style bench

Goal ### It is not because the bench plays with modern lines that it cannot replace the sofa. You will find for example a bench model to which you can add a chaise longue. Ideal if you want a corner sofa.

A bench that has pep

Fly ### To give a very pop look to your interior and make the bench an even more modern piece of furniture, bet on a vibrant color. Here the orange bench highlights all the decor.

A bench that blends in with the decor

Maisons du monde ### If you want your bench to be discreet, choose a white model that will blend into your wall. Add some colorful cushions to create a very decorative visual effect.

A decorative bench

Goal ### To energize a black bench seat and integrate it into your colorful decor, bet on cushions in bright colors. The black will only come out better.