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A playful bathroom for children

A playful bathroom for children

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When you are a family, the bathroom must also adapt to children so that they can access it without constraint and above all have fun using it. If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom just for them, there are many dedicated amenities. But if adults and children live together, you will also find accessories to adapt the bathroom. Discover in pictures 10 bathrooms ideal for children.

A bathroom dedicated to children

Leroy Merlin If you want to dedicate a bathroom to children, you will be able to opt for accessories to their size. Also, you will find a washbasin at child height as well as shelves that will be accessible to them.

A bathroom for girls

Leroy Merlin If the children's bathroom is intended to accommodate little girls, bet on a playful decor around the color pink. Choose mirrors with original shapes and opt for very decorative accessories.

A family bathroom

Ikea So that the little ones can use the family bathroom easily, you can multiply the furniture so that adults and children each have a basin at their height.

A colorful bathroom

Alinéa To make your child want to go to the bathroom, we choose bright colors that will make the place very playful. Here red and green give a playroom aspect to this room.

A practical bathroom for parents

Formilia Know that a bathroom for children also involves tips that will allow parents to facilitate the toilet of children. This bath integrates for example a footstool drawer so that the mothers are at the right height to give the bath.

A playful bathroom

Paragraph For children, no need to choose elaborate bathroom furniture, you can simply opt for shelves below the sink and on the side for storage. Choose bright colors to brighten up the room.

A bathroom for the little ones

Sanijura Think of an adapted bathroom from an early age. Also, if you have a baby, put on a worktop at the right height that will accommodate the baby bath. Also consider dedicating a worktop to the changing table.

Accessorized bathroom

Ikea To help the little ones to use the bathroom, here we simply added a step by the sink and an armchair to help parents give the bath. It will also be ideal to help you dress the child.

A decorated bathroom

Villeroy and Boch Finally, to make the children feel good in the bathroom, we put on a decoration that corresponds to them. Hang pictures on the wall and place small stuffed animals or toys near the bathtub so that the bathroom is also theirs.


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