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ASAROTA presents its unique mosaics "made in France"

ASAROTA presents its unique mosaics "made in France"

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Founded and directed by the French couple Catherine and Christophe de Moura, the brand ASAROTA presents its sumptuous unique glass mosaics "made in France". Intended for interior and exterior decoration, they will seduce you with their original graphics and their art photographs.

Mosaic Angkor >> for a contemporary living room

ASAROTA Mosaic ### Worthy of a work of art, the ****** mosaic of **** modules will surprise more than one. Be captivated by the in-depth look of the creature on a turquoise background which will certainly guarantee a majestic look in your living room.

Mosaic clips >> for a retro-chic office

ASAROTA Mosaic The mosaic in brown-turquoise tones of the **** collection will take place behind your desk.

Mosaic <> for a sleek bedroom

ASAROTA Mosaic ### The ****** mosaic with white and purple patterns will make the ambiance of your bedroom pleasant and exquisite.

Mosaic Scottish >> for a celtic bathroom

ASAROTA Mosaic ### With its authentic prints from Celtic countries, the ****** mosaic from the ** Motifs Etoffes ** collection gives a modern touch like no other in your bathrooms.

Mosaic <> for a bluish bathroom

ASAROTA Mosaic ### Brilliant and sparkling blue? Discover the incredible ****** mosaic of the ** Mélange Aléatoires ** collection which brings a touch of radiance and freshness to your bathrooms.

Mosaic forks >> for an illuminated entrance hall

ASAROTA Mosaïque ### Kitchen accessories photographed on your walls? Funny idea! However, the editorial staff of ** Téva Déco ** fell in love with the ****** mosaic. Very classy and decorative, it shows through its beige colors on a white background a pleasant sweetness.

Mosaic <> for an exterior facade of your original house

ASAROTA Mosaïque ### ** ASAROTA ** offers you its **** modules. Let your imagination run wild by inventively using the ****** mosaic on your house exterior facades.

Mosaic <> for a terrace way lounge

ASAROTA Mosaïque ### Do you want a *** lounge *** and *** cocoon *** atmosphere on your terraces? We have found the solution. The black ****** mosaic with bright white reflections associated with wooden exterior furniture will dazzle your guests.

Mosaic <> for a fair worthy of <>

ASAROTA Mosaïque ### Do you dream of a bold living room straight out of the 70s? Go back in time and adopt the ****** mosaic from the incredible collection ** 70's motifs ** above your TV furniture.