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Decorative coaching: Anthony's studio

Decorative coaching: Anthony's studio

Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Anthony who wants to modernize his studio while bringing him a cocooning touch. If, like Anthony, you want advice on how to redecorate a room, try to win decoration coaching too!

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** Painting, in addition to giving a personality to a place, makes it possible to delimit spaces, especially within the same room. On the living room side, taupe will bring real elegance to your interior. 1- Paint the kitchen side wall and its extension in the hallway. Determine the separation between the kitchen and the living room, where you will place the blind and the library. Then paint the remaining section of the kitchen wall. 2- All the other walls are to be painted in a powdery white in order to enlarge the space and bring in the maximum light. In the kitchen, paint all the furniture in a muted red, in 5 steps: 1- Clean the cupboard doors with Saint-Marc detergent and then wipe the surfaces. 2- Gently shell with fine sandpaper or steel wool. 3- Apply a "special laminate" undercoat and allow to dry for the time indicated. 4- Paint red. Two coats are necessary for a nice finish, and always respect the exposure times for better hold. **

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** 1- Varnish the cupboard doors in order to protect them and to be able to clean them easily. Opt for a glossy varnish that will bring shine and a very modern side. 2- Paint the tile splashback with a "special tile" paint: opt for metallic gray; married with red, it will bring a design line in contrast while playing on the light. Beforehand pass an undercoat for better adhesion. 3- Your work plan seems to be black, keep it, if it is not the case, then opt for a work plan of this color. 4- The kitchen has a small counter that creates a separation with the living room / bedroom area: position the white Expedit library from Ikea in its length (149 cm), parallel to the credenza and the kitchen furniture. Close it on the kitchen side with a medium board cut to the measurements of the library. Paint the medium board on both sides, in red, gray, white or black, as you wish or according to the paint you have left. Finally attach the medium board to the library. On the living room side, the open lockers will serve as a library. 5- Attach an aluminum blind to the ceiling, for a reminder of the metal gray credenza, which you can lower or raise according to your desires. **

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** 1- Bring a real warmth and a real style to your living room by opting for a laminate floor. Whether in the bedroom / living room or kitchen, it is an easy-care floor and extremely pleasant to live in. The laminate floor has the added advantage of lending itself to both a bedroom and living room atmosphere. 2- Identify your living and sleeping area with a beautiful convertible sofa in dark gray linen. It will stand out on the white wall and highlight the taupe color. Position a carpet right in front of your sofa to bring softness and the cocoon side you like. 3- Warm the room with raw linen curtains, also essential at night to preserve your privacy and your sleep, when the living room area turns into a bedroom area. 4- Position a light point at the corner of the sofa, which will be the headboard once the sofa is unfolded. Opt for a directional floor lamp to purify and not clutter the floor space. Its height will also structure the volumes. 5- Do not neglect the storage: above the sofa, a closed wall shelf will allow you to hide trinkets, objects or dishes; you can put above photo frames. The large wall that runs from the front door to the window is covered with 3 long, white shelves to make them disappear into the wall. Place them in staggered rows, evenly and with the same spacing to create a graphic rhythm. For everything that is wardrobe, wardrobe and dressing room, your entrance seems perfectly designed to use it so as not to overload the living space. 6- Choose modular furniture, ideal for small areas: practical and space-saving nesting coffee tables that slide easily under each other; a "Pop up" booster chair that folds and stores in the event of lack of space; and above all a console that unfolds: from a simple desk 41 cm deep for working, it turns into a dining table thanks to a retractable system when you receive. 7- Instill the seventies spirit you love with selected furniture: a large poster treated like a photo sets the scene; a Tam Tam stool in red translucent plastic, icon of the 70s, meets the colors of the kitchen; a white lacquered TV stand mounted on a round metal stand displays a very vintage line. **

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