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D-1: I occupy the children during the preparations for Christmas

D-1: I occupy the children during the preparations for Christmas

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The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to put all your little tribe to work. So, to make your children wait in the most beautiful way possible, has selected for you 30 DIY ideas to occupy them intelligently and have a good time with family! Attention the countdown has just started!

A christmas wreath

Mer Mag To end the year in style, nothing like a Christmas wreath that will decorate your front door. With simple everyday products (here a pizza box, colored paper and a little fabric) and above all a little patience, your child will quickly manage to make a seasonal crown, which has style. More info on this DIY: Mer Mag

Christmas symbols in lego

Frugal fun 4 boys Colorful, fun and intuitive, legos are literally compatible with all ideas. So why not ask your little blond heads to reproduce one of these special Christmas holiday construction projects? More info on this DIY: Frugal fun 4 boys

A clay snowman

Say Yes Teach your children to make snowmen for Christmas in clay thanks to the tutorial by Liz Stanley, from the blog Say Yes. A little clay, twigs of wood, a black pen and imagination, and let's go for a great family activity! More info on this DIY: Say Yes

Funny masks

Pickle bums Even if it means dressing up for the holidays, you might as well adopt the symbols of Christmas! To create these masks, nothing could be easier! First, print the downloadable masks and cut them out. Then assemble them with glue. All that remains is to decorate them with markers and glitter. Small effort, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Pickle bums

A plasticine snowman

The connection we share Otherwise, you can always trade the clay for plasticine. And, for more originality, decorate your snowman with cloves, a piece of cloth and toothpicks. He is ready to face winter! More info on this DIY: The connection we share

Photobooth accessories in Christmas colors

Brit Co Because children like to dress up above all else, we suggest that they customize these photoboothes to print. Santa Claus hat and beard, deer antlers or barley sugar ... festive and cheerful Christmas Eve thanks to the creations of your toddlers. More info on this DIY: Brit Co

A greedy snowman

Growing a Jeweled Rose A potato as a buffer to make a snowman? This is the good idea seen on the Growing a Jeweled Rose site. To adopt without moderation! More info on this DIY: Growing a Jeweled Rose

A Santa Claus in hand molding

Easy peasy and fun Real favorite for this Santa Claus ornament to hang on the tree! First step, make a sculpture of the hand of your little one using salt dough then, using paints, ask him to reproduce this adorable head of Santa Claus. More info on this DIY: Easy peasy and fun

Olaf finger puppet

The idea room Here's a great game idea to make with our toys to keep them waiting until Christmas. Start by drawing the shape of your Olaf template on your pieces of felt. Cut out the elements of your snowman then assemble them with the sewing machine… and that's the job! More info on this DIY: The idea room

Greedy mice

Martha Stewart On the same principle, you can also make small colored mice. The originality of this project: the barley sugar used as a tail. More info on this DIY: Martha Stewart

A very girly Christmas tree

Mod podge rocks Exchange the fragrant needles for colored kraft paper, for a handmade Christmas tree that your little princess will enjoy exhibiting in her room. First step, we paint in white an oval wooden plate as well as the rolls of toilet paper previously cut which will form the tree. Then, on the board, using adhesive tape we make blue stripes. While the paint is drying, the edges of the board are covered with magenta paint. Finally, we glue the rolls of toilet paper, we decorate them and voila, voila! More info on this DIY: Mod podge rocks

A cardboard plate as a Christmas tree

I heart crafty things Nothing could be easier for little budding artists who will start by painting a paper plate green. Once this step is completed, they will cut the plate into three equal pieces, making sure that the part that will serve as the top is narrower. Then, they will make six small holes on each of the pieces and will insert colored tape. And to finish this pretty creation, they will glue the three pieces, the card stock, acting as a trunk, and a star, then decorate the whole with small jewels to stick. Magic ! More info on this DIY: I heart crafty things

A beautiful ornament for the tree

Made from pinterest To make these Christmas tree decorations, paint three ice cream sticks in green and assemble them, to form a tree, using glue. On yellow scrap paper, cut out a star and stick it on the top of the tree. For the trunk, opt for brown corrugated paper that you will stick to the base of the tree. Finally, arrange here and there buttons of different sizes which will form the decorations of the tree. A real breeze! More info on this DIY: Made from pinterest

Corks as an ornament

The country chic cottage It is well known that children love Christmas and above all love decorating the tree. And if this year, we called on them to make pretty ornaments, in the pure tradition? Using caps, small colored pompoms and a string is possible! More info on this DIY: The country chic cottage

A deer on a plate

I heart crafty things Since deer are popular this season, they take the form of pretty childish creations and exhibit themselves in our interior to bring a little bit of Christmas magic. A cardboard plate and sticks covered with brown paint, a red pompom, eye-shaped tickets, brown paper… and voila, your deer is ready to wander! More info on this DIY: I heart crafty things

Ode to gluttony

Smart school house A decoration worthy of a New Year's Eve party is necessarily a decoration that sparkles with a thousand lights! To make these pretty ornaments, provide your child with cookie cutters in the shape of a tree, star or filled boot, and glitter pens. More info on this DIY: Smart school house

The Olaf Snowman

Craftionary Does your child like the character of Olaf in the Snow Queen? Make him happy by offering him a creative activity dedicated to his favorite cartoon. A few white painted sticks for the head, a pompom for the nose, wide eyes to stick on, a pen to draw the mouth and a cut pipe cleaner for the hair… your child will have his favorite character at leisure! More info on this DIY: Craftionary

A snowman like no other

Craft by Amanda Otherwise, you can just as easily offer your toddler to recreate the friendly Olaf snowman with a roll of toilet paper, twigs, a few red and black tassels and wide eyes. More info on this DIY: Craft by Amanda

A deer for the table

The country chic cottage Christmas is not far away and it is not too early to think about a table decoration to which each member of the family can contribute. On the children's side, we opt for these beautiful deer-shaped decorations. If you also want to make them, bring capsules, buttons and other stickers to stick, thin twigs and a nice red fabric. You are ready for this beautiful creation. More info on this DIY: The country chic cottage

Snowmen to hang

One artsy mama On the same principle, you can also make pretty snowmen using capsules, ribbons and acrylic paint. First step: we glue three capsules and, at the back, we lay out and glue a length of ribbon. Then, surround the bottom of the first capsule with a ribbon that will act as a scarf. Finally, using paints, the facial features and small buttons are created. Easy as pie ! More info on this DIY: One artsy mama

A handmade deer

Mommy savers Little ones love to paint. So, to prevent them from hanging out on D-Day, here is a creative and inexpensive idea that will enchant them. Brown paint, a little pompom, a good dose of imagination and that's the job! More info on this DIY: Mommy Savers

A toilet paper deer

Fantastic fun and learning Seeming straight out of the forest this pretty deer will also be a sensation on your holiday table. So to make it, take two rolls of toilet paper and cut one of them in half. Cover with glue and brown paper two of the pieces that will form the body and head of the deer. Once assembled, place four twigs under the body as legs. Finally, all you have to do is stick the antlers of the deer and arrange your nose and eyes. More info on this DIY: Fantastic fun and learning

A paper towel snowman

Chase the star A roll of paper towel for the body, small cubes for the eyes and the buttons of his clothes, orange paper cut in the shape of a nose, a scarf and a cap to prevent him from getting cold… here is a guy of snow ready to settle in your interior! More info on this DIY: Chase the star

A deer more real than life for the little ones

Crafty Morning Requiring a little more dexterity, the older ones will prefer this pretty deer made with a cardboard plate, paint and colored paper. First step, paint a cardboard plate in brown and then cut it out so as to form the head and body of the deer. For the woods, the legs and the nose, you cut your hand with a pencil on brown paper, you cut out four small rectangles and a red circle on glitter paper. Once this step has been completed, the whole is assembled using glue. Finally, we paint a black band on each of the legs and glue two small eye-shaped stickers. A great idea, which will keep your children busy for a small part of the afternoon. More info on this DIY: Crafty Morning

A snowman to make as a duo

No time for flash cards While your child is painting a cardboard plate, cut out your character's nose, mouth and hat from colored paper. Then cut a rectangle out of transparent adhesive paper and suggest that your child scatter glitter here and there. Then cut out the center of the plate and place a few dots of glue on the cut round part. Your child will thus have the mouth, nose, hat and eyes. During this time, on the remaining part of the plate, you will stick a square shape cut out from the adhesive paper. And finally, assemble all the parts together! More info on this DIY: No time for flash cards

Decorative balls

Crafty Morning If these decorative balls appeal to you, take some cut potatoes and cover them with the color of your choice. Once this step has been completed, all you have to do is place them on a white sheet of paper as a tampon and add a pretty colored string. Repeat this operation as many times as you wish. More info on this DIY: Crafty Morning

A Santa Claus as decoration

I heart crafty things - Mother Bear The end of year celebrations are approaching and with them, a mad desire to grant your cozy nest with the sweet notes of Santa Claus! Light up the Christmas spirit with these two Santa Claus, very easy to make. For this, you will need colored paper, a cardboard plate, tassels, eye-shaped stickers or cotton. Take your pick from these two models ... It's up to you! More info on these DIY: I heart crafty things - Mother Bear

A funny Santa Claus

Love play and learn What would a successful Christmas party be without the inevitable Santa Claus? For the occasion, suggest that your child make a Santa Claus using a cardboard plate which he will place next to the glass of milk and the clementine, as a thank you for the gifts brought. First step, we cut Santa's hat. Then, we draw the features of his face using markers. Finally we stick cotton on the hat and around the face. A gift that Santa will certainly like! More info on this DIY: Love play and learn

The Santa Elf

Sassy Dealz To make this little elf, nothing could be simpler! Cover two-thirds of a toilet paper roll with green paper, then cut a black rectangle, a square with a yellow center and red paper for the belt and collar, which you will then glue. Finally, cut out a circle of green paper, fold it in half and then cut a slit in the middle, so that you can make a cone-shaped hat. Tutorial via: Crafty Morning