10 garden hedges to separate you from your neighbor

10 garden hedges to separate you from your neighbor

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** No more uniform and regular garden hedges. Today, it is possible to differentiate and create an original hedge. Trees, shrubs and flowers get married, it is possible to play with the colors of the plants or the different heights of the latter. In short, give free rein to your imagination and make your garden a unique place conducive to relaxation while intelligently separating yourself from your neighbor. **

Long live the fruits!

Perdereau Fruit trees change their faces every season. Flowering, colorful or full of fruit, they delight us throughout the year and can compose a magnificent hedge.

Flowers and colors

Panoramio Flowers are perfect plants for forming a hedge. Because there is such a wide variety, you can play with styles and colors. Do you prefer the chic of a hedge of red roses or the naturalness of a hedge of wild flowers?


VMVJ Miscanthus is a shrub which, in addition to being very bushy, takes the form of a ball. It is very easy to maintain and grows quickly. And the effect is breathtaking!

Atypical plants

Marche Amur Nature is beautiful and each plant is unique. For your hedge, you can opt for atypical plants, bright colors or with visible trunks. A word of advice: choose plants that adapt to the climate of your region.

A colorful hedge

Panoramio A hedge is not always green! Indeed, there are a multitude of flowers and shrubs that allow you to set up a hedge of colors. It's up to you to find the shade that makes you dream!

A seasonal hedge

My Garden Center Campaign Your hedge can transform itself each season. By choosing several flowers that will bloom at different times of the year, you will see your hedge changing shape and colors over the months.

The mowed hedge

And close my garden If your hedge is made up of classic shrubs, you can work it by pruning it in an original way. Let your imagination run wild…

A game of height

Maison Déco A hedge can be irregular and beautiful. Combine flowers and shrubs, play with heights… Give it back its wild side!

The green wall

Patrick Blanc To ensure discretion and tranquility, the green wall is your ally. It consists of trees, shrubs and flowers, and works over the entire height.


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