Normann Copenhagen in 10 creations

Normann Copenhagen in 10 creations

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Since 1999, the Danish design studio Normann Copenhagen has offered Scandinavian furniture and accessories that impress with their simplicity and efficiency. Discover the brand in pictures through 10 creations.

Bau pendant lamp

Normann Copenhagen This pendant light looks more like a mobile with a real light sculpture that presents small, very colorful geometric shapes.

Liqueur Glass shot glasses

Normann Copenhagen When Normann Copenhagen tackles the glasses, they combine function and playful spirit with a mobile cognac glass allowing to enjoy a tasting in the rules of the art while offering an original design.

Block service

Normann Copenhagen Simon Legald signs a practical and design trolley that skillfully mixes ash wood and white steel tops for an impeccable Scandinavian look.

Toj rack

Normann Copenhagen Simon Legald declines the famous sideboard in a very design rack which will give a Scandinavian and refined spirit to your wardrobe. It is designed not only to hang clothes but also to accommodate shoes on a low shelf.

The Swing soliflore

Normann Copenhagen This soliflore is a real designer sculpture in mouth-blown glass. Each piece is unique to offer you a modern and graphic vase while being very elegant.

The Bunny Chair

Normann Copenhagen This is an original armchair inspired by rabbits with large ears that will serve as headrests for optimal comfort.

Ikono pendant lights

Normann Copenhagen Ikono is a sober and refined pendant lamp which consists of a conical glass cylinder on which two steel shades rest. Perfectly distributed, the light is dimmed by the lower lampshade.

The Norm 69 suspension

Normann Copenhagen Designed as a 69-piece puzzle to be assembled without glue or tools, this pendant lamp has become a design classic. A real sculpture that will illuminate your room.

Mormor ceramics

Normann Copenhagen Between tradition and modernity, these ceramics play the card of a refined design while taking up a classic check pattern that is found on towels and tea towels.


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