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When the curtains are decorative

When the curtains are decorative

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In the home, curtains are often used to refine the decor. What if we did the opposite using very decorative curtains that allow us to plant the style of the room? Discover in pictures curtains according to the style you want in your interior.

Urban curtains

Leroy Merlin In this contemporary interior, we play the New York card with curtains dressed in views of the city that never sleeps. On the program: the Statue of Liberty and yellow taxis make the show.

Design curtains

Saint Maclou In a designer interior, we put on a trendy color that will place the window as a strong element of the decor. To combine with the pure lines of the decor, we will favor a cool color like blue for example.

Baroque curtains

Saint Maclou For a baroque atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful castles, we turn to curtains that play on the material. We opt for a shiny textile in a dark and shimmering color.

Girly curtains

Castorama To breathe a feminine vibe into a teenage bedroom, for example, make room for color! We then opt for a curtain in a pink or purple color that will set the tone for the room.

Poetic curtains

Heytens Do you want your curtains to make you dream? We focus on star patterns which will be perfect for a bedroom.

Country chic curtains

Heytens For a chic and warm country atmosphere, we will bet on a classic curtain that will mix stripes and strong colors like red and orange.

Curtains for traveling

Heytens For a living room that evokes travel, we play with warm colors reminiscent of distant lands like a combination of fuchsia, red and purple.

Retro curtains

Heytens For a retro atmosphere, we choose curtains that display very graphic patterns and strong colors like here where blue and red rub shoulders without complex.

Cocooning curtains

Castorama Finally, to make your room a real cocoon of softness, you will bet on thick curtains and opt for neutral and soft colors like beige or glossy brown.


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