The 10 favorite shops of the editorial staff

The 10 favorite shops of the editorial staff

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If you are like us, always looking for the rare pearl on the net, this selection is made for you! This week, the editorial team gives you the list of its 10 favorite e-shops! Make great discoveries ...

April Eleven

April Eleven In the pretty Charline boutique, you can discover all of its creations made of wood - from European forests - with a simple and refined design. Our little darlings: its lot of 5 hyper decorative houses on a shelf and its very funny children's mirrors. //

Stereo Fields Forever

Stereo Fields Forever What we like about Stereo Fields Forever is the eclectic universe of Céline the designer. Whale print trays, flowered candle holders and graphic tea towels, all embellished with its beautiful finds from China, hard not to crack! //


Twicy Store If you like quirky decorative objects, here is an address that you might like. With its mugs with unicorn decorations, its mouse pads covered with small gourmet ice creams and its funny little notebooks, the Twicy site makes us want to buy everything! //

Deco capsule

Decorative capsule Fancy a beautiful decoration completely in the trend? We are sure that you will find your happiness among the beautiful Jeanne copper ladies and pastel dishes from Capsule Deco. //

Bird on the wire

Bird on the wire We love the colorful and playful universe of Bird on the wire. Their submarine-shaped tea ball, fox-head cushion and posters by Czech artist ReStyle make us darn the eye! //

The Landmark of Weasels

Le Repère des Belettes Contemporary objects, exclusive creations, bargain hunters, welcome to the unique world of Le Repère des Belettes. We love spending hours there to find good decor ideas like the bright cloud that we would like to see enthroned in our living room! //

Sarah & Bendrix

Sarah & Bendrix If you are looking for trendy posters for yourself or for your little tips, we advise you to take a look at Sarah & Bendrix. Graphic bears, messages, black and white photos, there is something for everyone. //


Les Biscottes Les Biscottes is the e-shop for trendy moms! In addition to finding fashion for children, we discover great decorative objects such as apple-shaped wall stickers, graphic teepees or the famous mushroom nightlights. //


Minimall What we love above all about Minimall is the playful design of its decorative objects! We are particularly under the spell of the spice jars that look like little snow globes and the blond wooden corkscrew in the shape of a unicorn head. //