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Japanese inspiration with origami decor

Japanese inspiration with origami decor

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In decoration, Japan has the wind in its sails! After an ephemeral store dedicated to Japanese design and an exhibition which presented traditional puppets, it is now the turn of origami to take center stage. Presentation of this art which seduces as well in creative leisure as in decoration.

Paper lights

Atelier LZC Here, the principle of origami is perfectly respected with a work of folding on paper which allows to create poetic decorations. The paper and its patterns contribute to the Japanese inspiration.

An origami inspired pendant light

Grand Trianon With this pendant light, paper is perfectly honored. Between folding and cutting, the pendant light will enhance the lighting with originality and poetry.

An origami table lamp

Fairsens With this lamp, the principle of origami plays the card of modernity. If the figure of style is perfectly respected, the material used is, on the other hand, metal so as to create an offset effect.

An origami shelf

Fleux On this wall, the shelves play on the origami principle by evoking a folded sheet. We multiply them to create an even more stunning effect.

A cake box

Ciel At Ciel's pastry shop, the superb Angel Cakes are presented in origami cake boxes. A real decorative addition to the table at dessert time!

Origami stickers

La Redoute And because origami invests decoration in all its forms, there are even stickers that use origami suspensions for a very decorative trompe l'oeil effect.

Origami storage

A donde To make you want to store, put on origami boxes that fold and unfold as needed for a decorative and practical storage.

An origami garland

And if you want to start making origami decoration, you can create a garland thanks to our videos.

An origami sugar bowl

D'home Productions And for origami to take over the table at tea time, we put on small origami sugar bowls to make yourself thanks to our video.