30 Christmas tables for inspiration

30 Christmas tables for inspiration

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A frosted table

Houses of the world

At Maisons du Monde, we keep the centerpiece of frosted boxwood ball under a bell!

A red table

H & M

A red tablecloth, stoneware dishes, candles, wooden dishes ... Traditional Christmas at H&M home.

A decoration to hang

House Doctor

On this table, we remember these stars hanging from a pretty branch and the eucalyptus bouquet as a centerpiece.

A minimalist party table

Ferm Living

At Ferm Living, we love the minimalist spirit of this festive table: stoneware dishes, wooden board, small decorative trees and golden candle holder.

Green addict party table

Houses of the world

A festive table that makes you dream! Walleye, colorful balls and greenery.

A cozy Christmas table


At Ikea, it's Christmas cozy: we throw some (fake) sheep skins on the benches and seat and voila.

Powdered Christmas table


A festive table all soft at Jardiland: a pink tray brings together candles as a luminous centerpiece, the powdered pink tablecloth highlights the delicate patterns of the dishes.

Garland of stars on festive table

House doctor

At House Doctor, we like the idea of ​​this garland of golden stars unrolled on the table. To buy or to make yourself with golden paper, scissors and thread.

Green table

H & M

A very natural table! A forest green washed linen tablecloth enlivened by beige table runners and fir branches.

A Christmas table with friends


At Ikea, for Christmas, we play it subdued atmosphere with pretty candles that highlight the graphic details of the table.

A Christmas table in red and white


Red and white to combine with natural materials (wood, pine cones, etc.). The Christmas table takes on British air to better treat your taste buds… and cheers, health!

A chic nature Christmas table

House Doctor

We bring a little nature on the Christmas table: mini-fir as a centerpiece, pine cones on the plate and branches hanging from the ceiling. A very chic DIY table decor!

All white

Zara Home

How about a white cocoon for dinner? Zen and sweet atmosphere, we favor clear dishes, we take out our stemware and beautiful silver or metal cutlery. We even allow ourselves a few fancy candles for a festive touch.

Have fun dining!

Houses of the world

Dinner can also be synonymous with good humor! Bubble drinks and magic potions, funny towels, sweets, small gifts and games (the famous English crackers) are all attentions that will touch your guests. Have fun !

Scandinavian Christmas table

A magnificent fir tree, white, red and elements of natural decoration (deer heads, fir trees, branches) and your Christmas table takes on Scandinavian airs. You can even garnish the chairs with elk head cushions. Very stylish !

Gold and copper on the Christmas table

Houses of the world

Who says great evening says dishes at the top! Dare the gold and copper colors for the dishes and match with small decorative elements. Make way for a chic Christmas table!

The big Christmas table


Here, we can see the big holidays with an XXL Christmas table. We favor the simplicity of simple dishes and place some refined ornaments on the table. For the warm touch, here and there are several candles and candle jars. But when there are a lot of people, it is better to limit the accessories!

A chic buffet

Marks & Spencer

The four stars at home! We take out the housewife and the panoply of the perfect host with champagne bucket and dish with matching bell. Do not forget to take out your beautiful glasses and bet on a silver decoration, you will be amazed!

Totally seventies

Houses of the world

Shebam! Pow! Blop! Wizz! Vintage style invites itself to the table. For a Christmas with retro accents, we take out the orange crockery and pair it with other colors and especially some outdated prints. Don't forget the music that goes with it!

A very elegant Christmas table


A white tablecloth and beautiful tableware in the same tones, combined with some golden decorative elements and raw wooden objects: here is the perfect combination to obtain an elegant Christmas table! Source: Ouiouiouistudio

A Christmas table dressed in gray


More sober, this Christmas table dressed in a gray tablecloth and a lighter table runner has been delicately decorated. Quality tableware is what gives this pretty table its festive look! Source: lecrindubonheur

White and black for Christmas


Because simplicity can also have its charm, why not decorate your table with white and black? Some objects placed on the table, some delicacies and some suspensions: nothing could be simpler! Source: yaya4000

Plum on the Christmas table


Why not vary the colors at Christmas by decorating your table with candles, flowers and plum and pink dishes? To push the idea to the end, do not hesitate to serve a good rosé to your guests! Source: Mesabella

Oslo invites itself to the table

Houses of the world

And why not innovate with a Norwegian-inspired table offered by Maisons du Monde? Dishes at low prices for a decorative and refined table.

A Nordic table decor for Christmas


The naturalness of the wood associated with the pink gold of the candles and the suspensions provides a very visual rendering to this table decoration. The latter is both chic and elegant: to reproduce at home without hesitation! Source: Zodio {rel = "nofollow"}

A natural table for Christmas


A decorated table runner: this is enough to dress your table for Christmas! You want it natural? Put branches, leaves and bread apples collected in your garden, as well as a few feathers to add a little sweetness! Use wooden plates to perfect your table decoration, it will be all the more successful. Source: Nomadein

A traditional table for Christmas


Take a traditional Christmas tablecloth, add a charming tableware and some red decoration elements and you will get a successful table decoration for Christmas. Source: osezlebikini

A Christmas table made of gold and white


If you want a refined table decoration for Christmas, this is the one for you. A little wood combined with white and gold and voila! Source: arounddressressing

A graphic Christmas table

Houses of the world

Graphic, original and trendy, these are the three qualifiers of this Christmas table. Ideal to impress your guests, especially if they appreciate modern design. The advantage of this decor: simple and accessible, it appeals all year round!