One headboard per color

One headboard per color

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If finding the headboard of your dreams can be easy, you must have previously determined the color that will enhance the bedroom. Let yourself be guided by the atmosphere that reigns there and be inspired by the slideshow that follows!


La Redoute ### The turquoise blue headboard has the chic to energize the bed and awaken the decor! A little summer air in the room all year round.


La Redoute ### Cap on elegance, gray underlines the soft and sophisticated atmosphere of the room. Chic!


La Redoute ### Here is a headboard with studded edges whose black color highlights the bedroom. Or how to give it a touch of character!


Fly ### Ultra feminine, this is the well-taken bias of this multifunctional headboard with the only ally the purple color with which it is dressed!

Yellow chick

Les 3 Suisses ### The headboard with backsplashes chooses yellow to enhance the bed. A sunny note that brings pep and good humor to the decor!

Cream colour

Habitat ### Ideal for bedrooms that are soft or natural, the cream-colored headboard delicately frames the sleeping area.


Les 3 Suisses ### Brown color, color of the earth and nature. This is why this brown headboard reinforces the soft and natural side of the frame! Male well-being.


La Redoute ### Capiton, velvet, burgundy red. Here is how to define this headboard which is above all glamorous and feminine…


La Redoute ### Imitation leather for the headboard whose chocolate color underlines a masculine atmosphere with a strong temperament.


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