D-4: last minute decorative gift ideas

D-4: last minute decorative gift ideas

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At D-4, we will not lie, you are not early for your Christmas shopping. Because yes, Santa Claus is not really going to take care of everything ... If it is a little late to order a custom-made piece of furniture from your mom or a wallet embroidered with your name to your dad, the editor folded in four to get lots of last-second decorative gifts for which you won't even have to leave your home…

The Designerbox

Designerbox A box for design lovers. For less than 30 euros per month, give your loved ones a little design - signed by beautiful names in international design - with the Designerbox, directly in their mailbox.

The Tea box

Tea box Are there tea lovers around you? Why not subscribe to the Tea box? Every month, they will receive a selection of exceptional teas in their mailbox. More than draw their favorite mug!

A poster to download

Etsy No more time to leave your home? Turn on your printer, we found you a pretty poster like everything that depicts Kay Bojesen's monkey or a poster that calls for pampering. Download, print, ready! Found on Etsy here and there. Don't forget our poster to download for free here.

Pattern to download

What if you helped your mom / sister / friends to (re) sew? With the bosses of the sparkling designer Aime comme Marie, who wouldn't want to? And everything is downloaded online! aimecommemarie…

A 2018 calendar to download

Still on Etsy, here is a nice 2018 calendar to download and print. A great way to start the year! Found on Etsy.