Laurie Lumière presents her outdoor collection

Laurie Lumière presents her outdoor collection

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Lighting specialist, Laurie Lumière today unveils her collection of outdoor lighting so that the garden is as decorative as the living room. To embellish the terrace or enhance the swimming pool, discover in pictures the lights that will light up your summer evenings. And for advice on lighting, go to

Pebble lamp

Laurie Lumière To illuminate the surroundings of your swimming pool, Laurie Lumière offers lamps that take the form of pebbles. Between a Zen spirit and a design touch, your garden lights up in a very graphic way.

Grumo wall lamp

Laurie Lumière To give a festive spirit to your garden, bet on the Grumo wall lights that evoke lanterns. With its practical hook, it will be fixed as well on the parasol as on a tree branch.

Globo and Planete lamps

Laurie Lumière If you want to give a new dimension to your garden, consider Globo or Planète lamps. They diffuse a soft and pleasant light while dressing the garden with round sculptures.

Roseau lamp

Laurie Lumière To enhance the garden and allow you to guide yourself through a path of light, you can use Roseau solar lamps. They charge during the day to deliver white light after dark.


Laurie Lumière Finally, to light up the surroundings of your house, think of the Torch lamps to fix against a wall. Solar, they allow you to benefit from a practical and decorative lighting without energy expenditure.