Yellow energizes the nursery

Yellow energizes the nursery

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Because the children's room is also a play area, we can bet on a very dynamic color that brings cheerfulness: yellow! Color of the sun, it gives vitamins to the room to always start the day off on the right foot. Discover in pictures 10 children's rooms where yellow settles in for a very decorative look.

Yellow and orange

Fly If you want to play the card of an ultra-vitamin room, you can combine yellow furniture with orange furniture for a very playful color block effect.

Yellow per touch

Alinéa Know that you can also use yellow in small touches in a room with classic colors. With bed linen or a yellow shelf, you will instantly raise the decor.

Yellow to separate the spaces

Paragraph If the child's bedroom is intended to accommodate several spaces such as the bed but also a small living room or an office, you can use color on a single wall in order to visually delimit the space.

Yellow for a pop atmosphere

Paragraph To bring a pop atmosphere in your child's room, you can choose to paint the walls in yellow and use furniture that uses colors like red or yellow. For the final touch, choose a pop board.

Yellow wallpaper

Ferm Living To brighten up the walls of the child's bedroom, also put on yellow patterned wallpaper like this pretty model from Ferm Living which uses very decorative small trees.

Yellow for an urban atmosphere

Purpose If your child wants an urban theme in his room, know that yellow is particularly suitable! It will recall American signs or the famous yellow New York taxis.

Yellow on the door

Ikea Yellow can also be combined with a girl's bedroom! Here, we used this color only to decorate the bedroom door. The yellow then highlights the rest of the decor of the room.

Yellow in the basement

Ikea If you want to paint the walls in yellow but you are afraid that it will do too much, do not hesitate to stop at the half of the wall to create a base using paint.

Yellow and blue

Conforama Finally, know that yellow goes very well with other colors to create very playful atmospheres. Do not hesitate to paint a wall in yellow and a second in another color such as blue.