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Our selection of household linen for the start of the school year

Our selection of household linen for the start of the school year

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To freshen up your interior this fall 2015, start by adopting new linens! A floral duvet cover, a funny tea towel, a bohemian chic tablecloth or even graphic towels, discover all of our favorites for the new year as soon as possible!

Pullets on the tea towels

Fleux If you dream of originality in the kitchen, it is on these tea towels with flashy colors and cocottes prints that you should bet! 15.50 euros

Small pastel flowers

Delamaison Fancy a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom? You just have to adopt a soft duvet cover covered with small pale pink flowers. From 54.90 euros

A bohemian chic tablecloth

Zara Home We love the chic and bohemian atmosphere that emerges from this tablecloth with ethnic prints in a soft purple color. Ideal for a table that loves summer all year round. 69.99 euros

Comfortable bath linen

Bailet On is under the spell of these enveloping and comforting purple bath towels. We imagine them perfectly in a hammam-style bathroom. From 12.80 euros

Natural look in the room

Spoiler Bring spring into your bedroom already by betting on bed linen where nature reigns supreme like this duvet cover! From 34.90 euros

Soft green water

Bailet In 2015, we remain under the spell of the green of water which gives the room a pleasant aquatic and poetic atmosphere. The plus of this duvet cover: a delicate golden finish! From 151 euros

Pastel shades at the rendezvous

Spoiler Difficult not to let yourself be charmed by this table where the softness of pastel tones creates a very soothing atmosphere from breakfast. From 39.90 euros

Linen for the tea towels

LinenThread We loved it in 2014, we will love it in 2015! Linen, a pretty material full of authenticity, will be the king of our kitchens thanks to these cloths with blue stripes full of charm. 12.11 euros

Pattern mix

Ifilhome In this back to school, allow yourself a few touches of originality in the bedroom by choosing a bed linen that classically mixes different patterns. The key to success lies in the colors, which must remain sober. From 24.50 euros

Graphic tea towels

3 Suisses Stripes, polka dots, triangles, in 2015 the graphic patterns have definitely not said their last word and that's good! 14.90 euros for the set of 3 tea towels

Weekend at Île de Ré

Maisons du Monde To feel at the seaside from January to December, it is enough to infuse your bedroom with a decor where sky blue and beige coexist with the stripes and little words of the ocean. 159.90 euros

Chic and refined napkins

Blanc Cerise Say goodbye to paper napkins or kitchen towel sheets at mealtimes, and invite these elegant linen napkins to your table. 17 euros both

A duvet cover with finesse

H&M Home Since January is white month, what could be more normal than adopting a sleek duvet cover with refined prints for your bedroom? From 19.99 euros


Zara Home The houndstooth motif still has a bright future ahead of us, as this bath towel proves to be perfect in a contemporary bathroom. From 5.99 euros


Françoise Saget Since the mimosa flowers in the winter season, it's time to give it a little room in the bedroom with this refreshing bed set. From 42.75 euros

An ethnic frieze

Delamaison This frieze with ethnic patterns gives a real facelift to this gray linen tea towel! It's the kitchen that will be happy! 7.10 euros

Small crosses

Blanc Cerise Elegant and refined, this duvet cover embroidered with small crosses brings a touch of delicacy to this bed. We crack! From 117 euros

Gradient of blues

Madura Nice this variant of the Tie and Dye style imagined with small squares, don't you think? From 109 euros

Ethnic chic

AM PM We love the revisited artisanal spirit and the unique colors of this authentic, refined and particularly ethnic duvet cover! From 99 euros