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A design style decoration in the living room

A design style decoration in the living room

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Design prevails in all rooms and the living room is not to be outdone! The lines become refined for an interior drawn to four pins. Here are some inspirations to create a design style in your living room.

Original lines

Conforama ### In a designer living room, fantasy comes through pure but original forms! In fact, the designers are betting on furniture that mixes graphic and unexpected lines. At Conforama, for example, the sofa has armrests and modular headrests that give a futuristic side to the sofa.

A graphic show

Conforama ### Do not be afraid to play with geometric lines, this is about creating a graphic game at home that showcases the pure lines of shelves, coffee tables and sofas. In the same way, do not hesitate to create a shades of colors which will highlight the graphic aspect.

A color that contrasts

Ikea ### In the design lounge, you can dare to color! Do not hesitate to integrate a color that contrasts with the decor thanks to the furniture or decorative accessories. Red will go perfectly with white, black and gray.

A contrast of black and white

Ikea ### To accentuate the graphic effect of the geometric lines, you can opt for a duo of contrasting colors. Black and white will undoubtedly create a design effect. And to avoid the cold aspect, bet on warm materials and opt for a carpet.