A colorful party table decor

A colorful party table decor

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With the Christmas and New Year celebrations approaching accompanied by family meals, you should think about decorating your table. And why not have a colorful party table decoration this year? Bright colors or not, printed tablecloths or not: anything is possible!

Ikea's white table:

Ikea A white tablecloth, beautiful tableware, a few silver candlesticks and Christmas decorations of the same color gathered in a vase and voila.

The colorful table of Laredoute:

Laredoute Laredoute offers a table full of colors where green, purple and pink come together to create a festive and funny atmosphere.

In pink and black:

Party items A discreet tablecloth and black and pink crockery will be enough to decorate the table. You can add a candle in the center of the table to bring a warmer atmosphere.

Laredoute's red tablecloth:

Laredoute A pretty printed red tablecloth and a few white decorations on the table will look great for Christmas parties.

A rough wooden table:

Fly No tablecloth for this wooden table, but chandeliers and suspensions to create a cocooning atmosphere for the holiday season.

A sober table:

3 Suisses If you are not very fond of decorations, you can simply cover your table with a sober tablecloth on which you will put beautiful dishes and a few candles to create a more convivial atmosphere.

A tablecloth printed with holly:

White door For Christmas, the table is dressed in holly. No need to over-accessorize this already decorative table. A few red candles will be enough.

Dressed chairs:

3 Suisses For a successful party, you can dress your table with a red tablecloth and a few accessories. You can also decorate your chairs with a red fabric for a successful effect.

A blue table:

Party supplies A white tablecloth, blue table runners and a few accessories of the same color will perfectly decorate your end-of-year table.