Industrial style decorative effect on the walls

Industrial style decorative effect on the walls

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In search of a wall covering that can assert a loft or industrial style in the house, the editorial staff has sorted on the job, a selection of paints and plasters with metallic effect or waxed concrete with an absolutely perfect rendering. Discovery in pictures.

Smooth metallic coating, tinplate tint

Maisons Décorative ### Second version of the smooth metallic coating, revealing a much lighter gray: the white iron tint. Let yourself be seduced!

Smooth metallized cast iron coating

Decorative Houses ### Finally, the third version is closer to the color of the font. A darker shade that is sure to give character and depth to your interior.

Raw concrete effect paint

Tollens ### At Tollens, 3 paintings also appealed to us. The first offers a small raw concrete effect for a rendering worthy of the industrial warehouses of the 60's which inspire today's lofts…

Concrete waxing paint

Tollens ### Another Tollens paint that will not leave you indifferent: the waxed concrete model with smooth and striated effect! A light gray with reflections that plays with an industrial look, soft version.

Branded effect paint

Tollens ### Presentation of our third and last Tollens crush: scratched paint. With it, the walls adopt not only a concrete gray hue but also a striped appearance which suit it perfectly. It's the little graphic note as a bonus!

Metallic gray paint

Castorama ### The rest of the selection is signed Castorama with a metallic paint, here are several facets. We adopt the first if we want to bring chic into your home since it displays a slightly silvery air… The wall decor has never been so precious!

Metallic gray paint

Castorama ### Another demonstration of the rendering obtained with metallic paint. You said refined didn't you?

Industrial gray paint

Castorama ### The bathroom has been given a facelift with this slightly patinated gray paint which asserts a decidedly industrial leaning when it comes to relaxation.

Concrete effect plaster

Castorama ### What's next? A decorative coating with a concrete effect that delicately dresses the wall. It seems that poetry almost prevails on the industrial urban side ...