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Bunk beds to accommodate two children in a bedroom

Bunk beds to accommodate two children in a bedroom

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If you do not have a room for everyone, your children will have to share the same room. And to help you make their room pleasant and spacious enough for two, the bunk beds are to be considered! Indeed, they accommodate two children and allow to free up space for the play area. We have prepared a selection of furniture of all sizes and shapes for the enjoyment of your little ones!

Design and colorful

Deco In Paris / Bingo Add color to your children's room with these designer and colorful bunk beds. This model also exists in blue, white or green. BINGO bunk beds, € 729 at Deco In Paris

Two-color bed

GOAL / JEKO For more style, these bunk beds are two-tone. Clever, they also integrate storage. JEKO bunk beds, € 649 at BUT

Convertible bed

Spark It's up to you to choose the arrangement of these two Spark brand beds. They can be used side by side as well as one on top of the other. Spark Child Bunk Bed Pack, € 1,029 at My children's room

Three in one

My Children's Room This pretty burgundy bed houses a third box spring under the bed below. Kids Rouge Bunk Bed, € 879 at Ma Chambre d'Enfant

Like a London bus

HCOMMEHOME.COM A little fun in a children's room has never hurt anyone. Indulge your offspring with this bed shaped like a London bus. LONDONIA bus bunk bed, € 729.99 on HCOMMEHOME.COM

Scandi trend

My Children's Room This pretty bed with very Scandinavian influences is made of solid wood. Spark white and beech children's bunk bed, € 709 at Ma Chambre d'Enfant

Shelves included

ELITE / Delamaison Very design, this black bunk bed includes 6 colorful storage niches. Bunk beds 6 ELITE niches, € 426.50 at Delamaison

Separable solid wood beds

TOPAZE / Matelsom Sold without mattress, these bunk beds can be fitted according to your preferences. Topaz, red or taupe bunk beds, € 655 at Matelsom

A steel bed

Ikea Made of solid steel, the SVÄRTA model from Ikea will not let you down. SVÄRTA bunk bed frame, € 159 at IKEA

Integrated storage

Princy / Matelsom Clever, this wooden and white bed offers ample storage space: a wardrobe with three niches, a wardrobe space with rod and niche as well as a platform for the upper bed and a small bedside shelf for the interior bed . Princy bunk beds, € 599 at Matelsom

Colorful and asymmetrical

Glicerio / So Nuit Exit the simple bunk beds, opt for this pretty colorful and asymmetrical model. We especially like the large drawers and the storage cabinet. GLICERIO children's bunk beds, € 1,267 at So Nuit

Red and taupe for your teens

JULIEN / Unique Sale If your children are starting to grow up, an overly original bed may not make them happy, so opt for a design and modern model like this one. Julien bunk beds, € 449.99 at Vente Unique

A customizable bed

So Nuit If mint is not your color, no problem: this bunk bed is fully customizable. You can also add furniture from the same collection. LAGRAMA bunk bed, € 1,929 at So Nuit

Integrated double bed

ELEVATIO II / Single Sale For older children, there are models of bunk beds with double bed. This) is very design with its beautiful pink. Elevation II bunk beds, € 169.99 at Vente Unique

With reversible bottom

LENNY / Unique Design and ingenious sale, these bunk beds have a reversible bottom: you can choose between pink and blue. Then it's up to you to choose a matching bed linen. LENNY bunk beds, € 299.99 at Vente Unique {rel = "nofollow"}

With integrated drawer

UNIVERSITY / Unique Sale A very classic design enhanced by stylish prints and an integrated drawer: these bunk beds are both pretty and practical. UNIVERSITY bunk beds, € 379.99 at Vente Unique

A real pirate ship

JELLE / LILOKIDS Introduce your children to the bunk beds as a real adventure with this pirate ship! Pirate ship bunk beds, € 382.20 at Amazon

Folding bunk beds

NORMA If you want to be able to welcome your grandchildren when you want but do not have the space to reserve a room for them at home, install these folding bunk beds in your office. NORMA bunk bed wardrobe, € 2,605 at Galeries du Mobilier

Raw wood

IKEA For purists, a model of raw wood bunk beds will do the trick. It has the advantage of being able to be repainted at home, in the color of your choice. MYDAL bunk beds, € 139 at IKEA