Red Dirt Road House: an immaculate house connected to its outdoor environment

Red Dirt Road House: an immaculate house connected to its outdoor environment

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In East Hampton, New York, this contemporary villa redefines the traditional country home by offering its owner, an Australian, modern living space amidst the natural beauty of the South Fork Peninsula. We open the doors of this exceptional place to you.

A soothing interior

Glen Allsop From the living room to the kitchen, the bedroom or the bathroom, the architect was keen to purify the interior without disturbing his serenity and beautiful balance. And, by making white a signature, he succeeded in creating a luminous and soothing space.

A bright living room

Glen Allsop To take full advantage of the outdoor landscape, an oversized bay window punctuates the kitchen open to the living room and provides access to the outdoor terrace.

Immaculate cuisine

Glen Allsop The architect chose to blend the open kitchen into the general layout of the place. To do this, she favored white furniture with strict lines that create a Zen and ultra trendy style in the room.


Glen Allsop Covered with a multitude of soft cushions, comfortable sofas await the owner for a privileged moment of relaxation.

Raw materials

Glen Allsop A few touches of wood, scattered here and there, warm the refined atmosphere of the place and form a wonderful link between the inside and the outside.

A space bathed in light

Glen Allsop The bedroom is both simple and functional. It takes advantage of natural light thanks to the installation of a window with black exterior contours, a nod to the sconces surrounding the two sides of the bed.

A stripped down space

Glen Allsop Visually light and uncluttered, the bathroom has been fitted with a freestanding bathtub with sober and refined lines. Centerpiece of this space integrated into the bedroom, it contributes to creating this Zen atmosphere, conducive to calm.

Subtle touches of black

Glen Allsop To energize and erase the overly sanitized side of the room, Amee Allsop opted for black fittings. A tip that is found in all rooms of the house.

Spirit photo studio

Glen Allsop In the second bedroom, straight lines and curved shapes complement each other in a palette of light tones. The originality of the room: this large floor lamp inspired by photography studios.