10 storage ideas to start spring well

10 storage ideas to start spring well

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When spring comes up, it is time to do the big spring cleaning and its famous storage. But because it is not always easy to find space to store, here are some tips to store even more!

Drawers under the bed

Ikea Your bed has underestimated storage capacities. Indeed, you can add drawers under your bed to store blankets and other sheets. You can also add storage space in the headboard.

Clever furniture

Fly Play with 2 in 1 furniture that will save you storage space! You can for example opt for a low table trunk to store magazines or aperitif bottles.

Compartments in the drawers

Arthur Bonnet To tidy up more, tidy up better! To optimize your drawers, choose compartments that will organize the storage. You can store more things and it will also be much more practical!

A credenza for accessories

Hygena If you don't already have one, treat yourself to a practical credenza. Simply add shelves or hooks above your worktop to hang your utensils. They then find a place and you will always have them on hand.

Shelves on the walls

La Redoute To use the wall surface for storage, consider the shelves. You will be able to dispose of decorative objects there but also to store some books. Some models are clever and can also be used as coat hooks.

Storage space to extend

La Redoute Remember to choose storage that can suit your needs and grow. These shelves, for example, can be stacked to increase the storage area. Convenient !

Smart furniture

La Redoute To create a partition and store it at the same time, you can opt for staircase storage or a simple bookcase. It is then the storage that creates a very decorative separation in your room.

Shelves on the desk

Maisons du monde Don't hesitate to add storage spaces to your work furniture such as the office. You can add shelves on top or opt for compartments to place under the tray.

Living storage furniture

Maisons du monde Finally, to avoid taking up too much space, choose storage furniture that will be useful, such as this bench on which your guests can sit and which contains three storage compartments.