Decorative coaching: Aurélie's stay

Decorative coaching: Aurélie's stay

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Aurélie who wants to redesign her stay and bring her more harmony. If, like Aurélie, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!





** Reverse the lounge and dining area ** - The objective is to install the TV lounge area in the most spacious area, near the entrance and near the bay window. - From the entrance, place a large wardrobe 1 meter wide to store coats, scarves etc. and mark the entrance. You can hang mirrors and coat hooks on the wall of the entrance for a more pleasant welcome. - Extend this wardrobe with a low and elongated TV cabinet. In light gray wood, it materializes the living space. Top it with a shelf to place beautiful objects. Layout tip: to break the rectilinear space and soften the living room, place two low tables with rounded shapes like pebbles.


** Place the dining room in front of the kitchen for a more functional everyday life. ** - The dining room will find its new place in this very cozy square area. - Compose a modern and warm atmosphere by using functional furniture and just proportioned to your space. - Prefer a round, wooden table, easy to live with. You can optionally opt for an oval table or an extendable table to accommodate more than 6 people. Surround her with white and mismatched chairs to liven up the space. Lighting tip: Top the table with a beautiful decorative pendant to materialize the dining area. ** Create an optimal, comfortable and discreet office space, reserving the entire back wall for the office area. ** - Arrange an office, airy and decorative, with a maximum of practical storage for scrapbooking: - On both sides Other from the wall, place chests of drawers with large drawers within easy reach. - Optionally attach feet to reach a height of 75 cm. - Attach on each side of the furniture cleats to install a large work top. The office is thus forgotten and becomes a console. - Overcome this space with large shelves with invisible fixings for a sleek, light and contemporary look. Place beautiful objects and books to create a decorative wall. Color tip: Paint the back wall in a taupe-chocolate to highlight this space.


** Create a contemporary and Zen atmosphere, easy going, Scandinavian spirit ** - Play with a harmony of elegant and relaxing neutral colors like beige and taupe. Cover your coatings with a deep beige shade. - Compose a modern and warm atmosphere using furniture with clean and simple lines. Opt for a beautiful sofa, the centerpiece of the living room, in a blue shade to wake up the taupe and beige tones. Place a large Arc floor lamp with a Japanese paper lampshade to the right of the sofa for soft, diffused lighting. - For maximum comfort and to visually delimit the living room space, place a beautiful carpet with plant motifs. It will warm the tiled floor. - Place curtains in beige velvet for a cozy atmosphere. Layout tip: have 2 poufs to create an L with the sofa and thus close the space dedicated to the living room.