Customize your dishes for the holidays!

Customize your dishes for the holidays!

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You may have been providing the same table service for each Christmas meal for a few years. Inevitably, after a while, weariness can win or simply the desire to change. Torn between your desires for new products and your commitment to more responsible consumption, you don't know which side to choose. Why not merge the two? Here are 11 tips to take back your ordinary dishes and breathe in the magic of Christmas 2016 version thanks to the good DIY fairy.

White as snow

Crafted Love

Like transforming a simple jar into a pretty snow-covered jar? Sand it lightly then draw snowflakes with 3D paint and cover it all with white spray paint. If everything was so simple! Source: Crafted Love

You have a message

Wit and Whistle

To personalize your white dishes, apply a slate porcelain paint. Then you just have to draw your Christmas patterns or the names of the guests. Source: Wit and Whistle

My Christmas Tree

Crafty Texas Girls

Sometimes all it takes is a marker on porcelain to transform an ordinary plate into a pretty Christmas decoration. Follow this tutorial for an easy freehand drawing. Then put your plate in the oven for 30 minutes at 150 ° C or 120 ° C to dry your ink well. Note that these inks are not suitable for food use. Source: Crafty Texas Girls

Delicate lace

Lemon Tree Dwelling

The paper doilies come out of the granny cupboard. To do this, you must cut the inner part, paint your placemat in the desired color and then stick it on your transparent glass plates on the underside. Sophisticated effect guaranteed! Source: Lemon Tree Dwelling

An engaging service

Pneumatic Addict

Without changing your service, you can embellish it with false presentation plates. Cut circles wider than your plates out of plywood panels. Using a drill, make regular holes on the edge then hang mini gold or silver Parisian fasteners. Source: Pneumatic Addict

A bright idea

Katie brown

For a little more expert hands, it's time to take your best permanent markers and give free rein to your imagination. We obviously take care not to put felt outside the glasses.

Nectar of the gods

Wax Poetic Style

An idea in gold that this customization which will make precious the simplest glasses and decanters. A way to get started in learning the gold leaf. It is applied with an adhesive spray and then covered with a protective varnish. Source: Style Wax Poetic

Replace the cover

Alexandria Mavis

A little spray on your cutlery and they are ready for Christmas and Christmas Eve. And at the risk of repeating ourselves (but this is important), do not paint the part that will be in contact with your food. Source: Alexandria Mavis

Disco cake

Delicious Darling Events

We bring a funky and offbeat side with this cake display completely covered with golden glitter. The realization is as simple as the effect is wow! Source: Delicious Darling Events

Graphic tray


Let's not forget the masking tape to add a graphic touch to your table. For Christmas, choose the festive colors and customize items such as trays, bread basket or the carafe. Source: AO


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