Find the good decor ideas of Thomas, decorator for the Téva Déco

Find the good decor ideas of Thomas, decorator for the Téva Déco

With simple and inexpensive materials, Thomas creates decors that are not lacking in style. By manipulating, diverting, transforming, it gives a whole new attraction to objects. Discover 10 decor ideas seen in the Téva decor apartment to quickly transplant it!

Express makeover for a wooden chair

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco The decorator offers a whole new style to a wooden chair by covering the seat damaged by time with a canvas mottled in a flea market. The rustic aspect of the chair and the vintage side of the canvas give the whole a very chic kitsch side!

Cloud cushions

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Clouds are popular in the kids' room. Pick up this simple idea to dress up the ceiling of their bedroom by surrounding a pillow with white string. To hang in number on the ceiling, they will arouse curiosity.

An original lamp with PVC tubes

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Assemble drain pipes so as to create an S then bomb them in black. Equip your composition by passing a colored electrical system inside so that it becomes an original lamp.

A new volume with a mirror on the ceiling

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Thomas creates a mirror which he places on the ceiling using a very thin film with a "mirror-like" finish. For this, he fixes the mirror on a smooth and light support, such as a medium plate. The effect is immediate: the image that is reflected is multiplied to provide more height to the room!

A do-it-yourself green wall

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco This time Thomas tackles the entire wall! He covers the latter with a large tarpaulin retained by cleats which he plants by sliding various potted plants into slots. A word of advice: mix natural and artificial green plants for an always green wall!

New life for a single door

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Bring a new stamp to a simple door by covering it with wooden planks. Slightly weathered, it feels like it has always been there.

A handmade rug

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Banned from bathrooms, rugs don't find their place in damp rooms. The solution: paint your dream carpet directly on the floor. With a glycero-type paint, trace the contours of a carpet and its fringes then draw the patterns of your choice inside!

A surprising headboard

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Become what is hidden behind this black headboard? A construction barrier! Curved in black and customized with fabric, it reveals another unexpected utility and a graphic spirit that echoes the 60s cribs.

A headboard with mattress cloth

Robin Clouet / TévaDéco Dress your bed elegantly with a piece of custom fabric and two basic wooden rods. Attach the rods above the bed and put your mattress cloth on it. Like a canopy, your sleeping space becomes a real cocoon where it is good to daydream.