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10 bay windows to light up the house

10 bay windows to light up the house

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Ideal for letting light into the house, without leaving the insulation aside, the bay windows have become allies for lovers of light. Living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, they light up every room in the blink of an eye, summer and winter. The proof in pictures with our 10 inspirations.

A wall of glass

Tender Group You don't believe in the glass wall in your living room? However, with very fine frames, it gives us the impression of being under a pergola throughout the year!

A bathroom bathed in light

Sciuker We fell in love with this ultra modern and refined bathroom which has bet on a large picture window to let the light do its work. For more privacy when taking your bath, you can install two light white sails that open and close easily.

Bay window to enjoy the view

Reynaers In addition to letting light into the whole room, the bay window also allows you to enjoy the scenery. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of such a magnificent view of the sea, don't you think?

A bay window on a patio

Sciuker If one of your rooms overlooks a patio little inclined to receive light, we advise you to bet on a large picture window which will let the least ray of sun pass. Here is your dining room thus sublimated.

A double picture window

Starwood To keep a few pieces of wall for your furniture, forget the bay window wall in your living room, and choose to install only two. The result is just as bright!

A bay window in the child's room

Leroy Merlin Since your little blond head spends a lot of time in his room, why not install a large picture window that will allow him to enjoy daylight longer?

A picture window with view on the terrace

Sky Frame Another advantage of bay windows: they offer you pretty openings on other rooms or outside. Here, the terrace is easily accessible as soon as the sliding door. Practical and aesthetic, we say yes!

Multiply the bay windows in the room

Leroy Merlin To create several skylights in your living-dining room, we suggest that you multiply the bay windows on several sections of walls. We love the result, and you?

The sun in every room

Sciuker This large family room is sublimated in the blink of an eye thanks to the light that filters through the wall of picture windows. Difficult not to succumb to the trend!