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Cement tiles create the decor

Cement tiles create the decor

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For an original floor covering, we can bet on cement tiles which offer not only unusual colors but also very decorative patterns. Zoom on the decorative potential of these tiles.

A la carte patterns

Charm and parquet Thanks to the cement tiles, you can create patterns in certain places on the floor. You can choose plain tiles and bet on patterns on a single part to create a pattern carpet for example.

A total look of patterns

Charm and parquet The cement tile can be placed on the floor as well as on the walls. To create an original decoration, you can therefore bet on a total look that will create a very retro spirit.

Cement tile and parquet

Charm and parquet Cement tiles can also be combined with other floor coverings to define a room or create a decor on the floor. It will adapt for example very well with a parquet.

An alley of tiles

Art squares Cement tiles can allow you to materialize a space both outside and inside. You can thus create a colorful alley with different colored tiles.

A contemporary rug

Art squares Note that the cement tile also adapts to a more contemporary style. For this you will choose more modern patterns and dynamic colors. Do not hesitate to combine tiles with a more trendy coating.

Tiles in a passage room

Charm and parquet If the cement tiles can be too present in a living room, you can however adorn the floor of the passage rooms where they will bring a very decorative effect without choking the space.

Tiles to decorate

Charm and parquet Rather than opting for a carpet or a door threshold, the cement tile can also create a decorative effect. It will act as a trompe l'oeil in a hallway for example to create long rugs in a hallway.

Tiles per key

Charm and parquet You can also energize your floor by opting for a single tile here and there that has a pattern. For example, opt for a darker color or a rosette pattern.

Plain tiles

Charm and parquet Finally, be aware that cement tiles can also be plain and replace tiles. The effect is then more conventional but just as decorative!