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Jardiland: new spring-summer 2015

Jardiland: new spring-summer 2015

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Fancy new, more joyful planters, a more trendy garden furniture, a more functional plancha? That's good, Jardiland has just presented its new products for spring-summer 2015. We let you discover our 10 favorites in pictures.

A vegetable patch for small gardens

Jardiland Those who like to grow vegetables but who are not lucky enough to own a large garden will be seduced by the idea of ​​this mini vegetable garden! The Nikolo trellis vegetable patch: 34.90 euros

Contemporary terrace

Jardiland Modernity is on the terrace with this table with a polished concrete effect top. To accompany it, we put on aluminum and PVC chairs imagined in the same color. The HPL table: 1,299 euros The Lille chair: 105 euros

A watering can that throws

Jardiland Tired of traditional watering cans? Jardiland offers you a model with a much more funky shape and color. How do you like it ? Swing watering can: 9.90 euros

Rattan in the four corners of the garden

Jardiland Already a star in our salons, rattan invites itself this summer in our garden for our greatest pleasure. Chair, pedestal table, armchair, coffee table ... stock up on natural fibers in the four corners of the garden.

A mini greenhouse

Jardiland Including a tray and three labels to plant, this mini-greenhouse kit is perfectly suited to a window sill or a narrow space. The mini-greenhouse kit: 14.95 euros

Plain or bicolour

Jardiland Slender line, integrated saucer, these large pots have it all. Their large size will allow you to plant small palm trees or why not an olive tree. The Tokyo pot: from 21.95 euros

Light up the terrace

Jardiland Bright and very contemporary, this garden set will appeal to lovers of modernity. Designed in glass and aluminum for the table and aluminum and PVC for the chairs, it will be easy to maintain. The Doris armchair: 70 euros

A functional plancha

Jardiland To not miss any cooking this summer, here is the ideal plancha! The plus: thanks to its practical casters, you can move it as you wish. Plancha Cambo SoMagic: 279 euros

A flashy vegetable bin

Jardiland Ideal for vegetables and aromatic herbs, this flashy green vegetable bin can be transported to the four corners of the garden thanks to its wooden and rubber wheels. The vegetable bin: 145 euros


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