10 ideas for decorating children's room walls

10 ideas for decorating children's room walls

Children also have the right to an original wall decoration! So to help you decorate your little one's bedroom, here are 10 decor ideas to discover in pictures. Shelves, stickers or garlands, the hard part will be to choose.

Phosphorescent stickers

Vertbaudet And for stickers that also play a decorative role after dark, you can bet on small phosphorescent stars. This decorating tip is sure to make little ones dream!

A timetable on the wall

Ikea To decorate the walls in a fun way, you can use a slate paint which will allow to install the schedule of your toddler directly on the wall. What to learn to organize while having fun writing on the walls.

A decorative shelf

Ikea Your child's room is full of a thousand and one toys? Then install a wall shelf that will accommodate the most beautiful stuffed animals it has to make decorative objects.

Walls to customize

Ikea If your child wants to take part in the decoration of his room, offer him a wall that he can customize as he pleases with shelves to fill with secrets and a jumble for photos of his favorite heroes.

Two-tone walls

La Redoute To decorate the walls of the room with ease, simply choose two colors of paint and create a base. Here, pink and gray transform the space into a princess bedroom.

Tables for enthusiasts

Maisons du monde Is your child passionate about a discipline? Why not choose some beautiful photos or paintings that you will install on the wall to give a theme to the children's room.

A strip of wallpaper

Vertbaudet To thematize the bedroom or simply decorate the walls to energize the space, wallpaper is a good alternative. One or two strips of paper are adopted above the desk or at the head of the bed.

A storage wall

Fly For a wall decoration that is both practical and decorative, we put on a storage wall. The decor tip: choose colored lockers to obtain an original patchwork.

A DIY garland

Maisons du monde Finally, for the most creative, know that you can make a decorative garland with your child. A string and paper or fabric, a little glue and voila.