Mediterranean blue for a taste of the holidays

Mediterranean blue for a taste of the holidays

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At the dawn of summer, even the decor dreams of fine sand, palm trees, beaches and ... the Mediterranean. On a holiday air, here she surrounds herself with accessories and furniture that have drawn their color from its pure blue water, between turquoise and indigo.

Mediterranean blue as a sleeping corner

Ikéa ### Desires to be calm in a warm atmosphere? Here is a bedroom decor that you might like. Its secret lies in the abyss of the Mediterranean blue color which covers the framing of a photo of Ghandi, a few decorative boxes placed on the bedside table, the sheets and cushions on the bed.

Mediterranean Blue as a coffee table

Ikéa ### In the living room, a blue coffee table with casters awakens a delicious summer mood.

Mediterranean blue as chairs

Fly ### To awaken the sleepy pep of this all-white dining room, a pair of Mediterranean-blue chairs have intruded around the table. Bet met with flying colors!

Mediterranean Blue as a pendant light

Ikéa ### In the shape of a pleated cone, this pure blue pendant light falls cheerfully from the ceiling to illuminate the place.

Mediterranean blue as garden chair

Ikea ### While waiting for the holidays to arrive, the garden has adopted a turquoise-colored room: an outdoor chair whose curves invite you to curl up.

Mediterranean Blue as a dresser

Maisons du Monde ### Lovely chest of drawers tinged with blue and brilliantly assuming a little aged effect. In the entrance, in the hallway, in the bedroom or in the dining room, it sublimates the space with a summer note.

Mediterranean blue as walls

Maisons du Monde ### In this almost entirely white dining room, only the walls take care of energizing the space with blue stripes. Ocean mood when you hold us!

Mediterranean blue as sofa

Ikéa ### The structure of this sofa and the seams of the cushions that dress it have bet on a pretty blue shade filled with freshness that reminds us of that of the sea on the French Riviera. Summer the show!

Mediterranean blue as a candlestick

Ikéa ### With a floral background, this chandelier with contemporary lines has also aligned itself with the bluish trend piqued in the Mediterranean.