Black in my bathroom

Black in my bathroom

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Black is on the rise in decoration. And after being noticed in the kitchen, the living room and even the bedroom, here it is, it also offers a special place in the bathroom. So, to inspire you, here are 10 atmospheres to adopt.

An all-black female bathroom

Cyrillus Black is not just for the masculine style! On the contrary, it is perfectly illustrated in a feminine bathroom. For a successful agreement, combine it for this, with powder pink, polka dots and embroidered bath linen.

An all-black retro bathroom

Herbeau The retro style also goes well with black. In addition to bringing out its emblematic forms, it highlights it.

An all black xxs bathroom

Ikea The black color can also find its place in a small bathroom. Bring it in by keys and associate it with white so as not to stifle the space.

An all-black male bathroom

Ikea The black and white checkered floor, the black furniture and the partly black wall give this bathroom a masculine and retro atmosphere that will delight it.

An elegant black bathroom

Ikea To harmoniously match the black walls, the furniture was chosen in white. A timeless duo that always works well in fashion as in decoration.

A black bathroom in total look

Ikea Black is not sad! The proof above with this exclusively black bathroom. From vanity units to small accessories, the only color allowed is white.

A black bathroom just by touches

Leroy Merlin The instructions for a bathroom that adopts black without taking risks: a frieze in black and gray mosaic and a black basin unit. Certified decoration result!

A bathroom that combines black with red

In red and black, the bathroom offers a nice dose of character!

An ultra contemporary black bathroom

Black can surprise in a bathroom. Yet associated with ultra contemporary furniture, it goes without false note.