Sublimate the outdoor table in 10 lessons

Sublimate the outdoor table in 10 lessons

In the dining room, you are constantly looking after the decor of your table, and not just at mealtimes! Outside, the balcony, terrace or garden table deserves the same treatment. After all, during the summer, it rightly replaces the dining area. Here is a small selection of more or less essential accessories to enhance it.

Decorative staging

Truffaut ### A nice setting in the middle of the table is sometimes enough to charm its look. Here, it takes shape behind a transparent decorative container in which a background of pebbles, a little water and a zest of vegetation form a pretty Zen and natural creation…

Beautiful dishes

Paragraph ### When lunchtime approaches, we bring on the table, festive dishes, numbered, striped, dotted or colorful, which will not fail to attract attention.

Bucolic note

Fly ### Breathing romantic sweetness at the garden table is easy with flowers! Even in small doses, they do not go unnoticed. This is the case with this decor, nicely decorated with a delicate orchid branch.

Hanging lanterns

Ikéa ### Outside, the decor of the table can also gain enchantment thanks to objects hanging just above it: lanterns, lanterns, paper lampshades. Nothing but high accessories that reveal the intimate and poetic mood of the meal. We love.

Decorative umbrella

Ikéa ### Still above the table, the accessory that gives it pep is the parasol. We choose the decorative version, adorned with bayadère stripes or flashy colors so that in addition to protecting us from the sun, it creates the atmosphere…

Candles and candle jars

Habitat ### The madness of candles and candle jars, we are not ready to get tired of it to light up summer evenings and decorate the table at the same time. The right idea? Choose versions with playful shapes such as these round candles or these candle holders in the shape of pineapples ... The decorative effect will be thus duplicated!

Fruit basket

Fly ### After the flowers, the fruits! In a pretty dish, lemons, oranges and watermelon awaken the summer side of the decor.