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Ikea presents Summer in the City, its new outdoor collection

Ikea presents Summer in the City, its new outdoor collection

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As the warm weather arrives, our desires to decorate the garden are felt. Colorful watering cans, new, more stylish barbecue, contemporary hammock, Ikea spoils us with its outdoor collection at low prices. Presentation.

Colorful watering cans

Ikea White to purify, yellow to brighten, orange to vitaminate, blue to travel, choose the watering can that best suits your needs this summer. 9.99 euros one

Hanging fruit

Ikea Enjoy beautiful lighting above your outdoor table with these solar apples and pears which store the sun's rays throughout the day. 15.95 euros each

A barbecue to enjoy the outdoors

Ikea Practical and aesthetic are certainly the two qualities that we can attribute to this barbecue designed in steel and solid acacia. Your summer grilling ally at a low price! 188 euros

A beach chair

Ikea Feel in the garden as on the beach? Fastoche with these colorful beach chairs! 25 euros one

A solar terminal

Ikea Contemporary and a bit futuristic, these solar terminals are off the beaten track, and we love it! 9.99 euros one

A hammock for relaxation

Ikea A ray of sunshine in the garden? Quickly, we rush to enjoy it by relaxing in a comfortable and contemporary hammock. Plus: a small pocket to accommodate your water bottle or your books and magazines. 25 euros

A gardening set

Ikea To give a recovered spirit to the aromatic plants that you are going to grow this summer, Ikea offers you its gardening set with pots that strangely resemble cans. 6.99 euros

A gourmet beach towel

Ikea Pears or strawberries, at Ikea, beach towels are delicious and fresh! Beach towel: 9.99 euros

A cocktail by the pool

Ikea To have the impression of being on vacation, even if you are not going on a trip this summer, adopt this acacia bar table in your garden. Exotic, isn't it? Bar table: 99 euros Bar chair: 69 euros