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Fun gardening accessories for children!

Fun gardening accessories for children!

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Sunny days are coming, and gardening sales are over! Our selection of accessories and fun tools to introduce toddlers to this art. With it, you are sure they will have fun.

A colorful watering can

Truffaut Chic, the watering can be adorned with a flashy green color, proof that having a green thumb is quite fun!

A nice wheelbarrow

Leroy Merlin Equipped with a pretty wheelbarrow, gardening or clearing the garden becomes child's play.

Pretty plastic boots

Leroy Merlin First equipment for chic and practical gardening: plastic boots! Chosen in pretty colors and in pretty patterns, they should motivate the youngest to help mom and dad in the garden.

A bag to store everything

Nature & Découvertes We fell in love with this adorable bag decorated with fruits and vegetables and in which the little ones can store and take their new gardening tools with them everywhere. How to resist ?

A mini vegetable garden

Castorama A vegetable patch being reserved for them, that should make people happy… The idea: a container adapted to their small size and a few seeds of flowers, fruits or vegetables to plant. Thus, they will be able to observe the evolution of their plantations!

An insect hotel

Truffaut A shelter for insects, this should fascinate children. We hang it at their height so that they can observe the natural cycle ... miniature.

All inclusive cart

La Redoute Fun and practical, this cart allows children to transport throughout the garden, the essentials for gardening: shovel, rake ...

A pink wheelbarrow

Fly We already told you, but equipped with a pretty pink wheelbarrow, girls should no longer be asked to lend a hand to our "gardening" session!

Pop tools

Castorama Pop tools, top tools! This second series of garden tools proves that on the children's side, the trend is indeed for color…