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20 dressing ideas to get inspired

20 dressing ideas to get inspired

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Do you finally have the space needed to install a wardrobe worthy of the name or do you want to be able to dream while watching what those who have it with? You are in the right place ! Under the eaves, in a dedicated room, with or without shoe racks, here are 20 dressing rooms that will inspire you.

At the head of the bed

Acrhea Not sure where to place your dressing room in the bedroom? Bet on originality and install it at the head of the bed.

Dream dressing

IKEA With storage elements found in classic furniture stores (here, PAX wardrobe frames from Ikea), cover a whole section of wall with wardrobes and cupboards for a gigantic dream wardrobe.

Get organized

IKEA Arrange your wardrobe so that each piece of clothing finds its place easily: drawers for underwear, shelves for folded clothes, clips for pants, wardrobes for shirts.

Shoe exhibition

Leroy Merlin / Spaceo If you have the necessary space, install beautiful shelves and proudly display your shoes!

Curtain on wardrobe

Castorama Do you like the principle of the open wardrobe but want to be able to hide it when you receive friends? Opt for a wardrobe with curtains.

Dressing room and reading corner at the same time

Leroy Merlin / Spaceo The advantage of modular elements is that you can do what you want with them. A dressing room can also accommodate a very cozy reading corner.

Behind the stairwell

Mobalpa Don't waste any storage space by installing your wardrobe behind the stairwell.


Leroy Merlin / Spaceo Fit your children's wardrobe under the eaves. For a touch of fun, consider sticking a nice wallpaper.

Under the stairs

Leroy Merlin / Spaceo Be ingenious and create a dressing room where, a priori, there would not be the necessary space.

A bright dressing room

Mobalpa Bine often, the dressing rooms are a little too dark, in which it is difficult to find anything. So think of the lighting when you set up your own.

A dressing room integrated into the decor

Mobalpa For a dressing room that is completely integrated into the decoration of your bedroom, opt for colored panels without handles.

A dedicated room

Kvik If you have the necessary space at home, do not hesitate and dedicate an entire room to your dressing room.

Design wood

Schmidt For clothes arranged in style, opt for designer wooden structures.

Beautiful sliding sports

Kvik Pretty sliding doors can prove to be a decorative asset in your room. We particularly like this model from Kvik.

All in length

Schmidt If the room in which you want to install your wardrobe is very long, accentuate this effect by installing your furniture on both sides.

A little color

Leroy Merlin / Spaceo Using storage baskets, add a little color to your wardrobe.

Bi-color for two children

Sogal If your children are lucky enough to have a dressing room, mark out each child's space with color codes.

Black and white

Schmidt You can't go wrong with a total black and white look wardrobe. Chic and sober at the same time.

Very sober

Schmidt Bet on sobriety with a wooden wardrobe.