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The 2015 Castorama kitchens that inspire us

The 2015 Castorama kitchens that inspire us

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No need to hide it from you: when we wrote, we fell in love with the 8 inspirational kitchens created by Castorama. There are a lot of ideas and even some decorative solutions that we had not imagined: mixture of materials, return of the mineral and shades of dark. Welcome to the Castorama 2015 kitchen!

The open kitchen

Castorama This Gossip kitchen with shiny finishes proves that midnight blue is an ideal color for a room focused on conviviality. The bar stools (Dante, € 39.90) far from being trivial light up this already sparkling kitchen.

Family cooking

Castorama For families, the kitchen is the ideal gathering place. Here we accentuate the tribal spirit with the mineral concrete "Table and magnetic" (€ 34.95 for 2 kg) and the five-burner stove (Hotpoint Ariston, € 859.90). By adding the school class table and chairs, the message is clear: children live happily in this kitchen!

The chic kitchen

Castorama In 2015, dark colors are coming back in force in the kitchen! We dare new combinations of materials like this built-in sink with black tempered glass coating (Onix, € 389). By using raw and noble elements like these glass and concrete suspensions (Jidda, € 49.95), we choose a chic and assumed universe.

Authentic cuisine

Castorama In 2015, we are reinventing rustic cuisine. Exit the dark wood furniture, we dare hexagonal tiles (Makara, € 36.90 per m2) which leave the work plan to escape to the wall. We still keep the authentic spirit with the stoneware sink (Office stamp, € 199.95) and raised facades (Candide).

Archi cuisine

Castorama In 2015, the kitchen displays a style and shows its character. Design has its say and we no longer hesitate to choose sophisticated pieces such as this worktop with oxidized effect (Intuition, 38 mm, € 95.90) ​​or these metal and glass suspensions (Jyl, 29 , € 95). An increasingly popular bias!

Feminine cuisine

Castorama The eggplant color for the kitchen is still relevant in 2015. Here it is skillfully mixed with suspensions in pastel pink (Bulylon, € 19.95) and white wall tiles (Nouria, € 29.90 per box of 1 m2). We obtain a very feminine and sweet atmosphere, perfect for tea time!

Chef's cuisine

Castorama We can only admire the central island in an XXL version made from the elements of the Epura kitchen. We escape the cold side of a professional kitchen thanks to the addition of an oak worktop (38 mm, € 149). To give this kitchen an industrial look, accessorize with splashback bars and a shower sink mixer tap (Narva, € 289.95).