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Effect coatings seduce walls

Effect coatings seduce walls

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It's decided, you want to enhance your decor by decorating one or more of your walls with atypical materials. No need to organize large-scale works, today, it is possible to bet on effect coatings. Here is a slideshow presenting the news and the latest trends in wallcoverings. A multitude of decorative ideas to apply at home!

Stone in your water features

Archiproducts Do you like stone? Archiproducts offers you a stone effect coating for your bathroom or powder room. The mineral side brings a natural and refined touch that will adapt to your decor.

XXL paneling

Leroy Merlin The paneling is revisited and today displays XXL dimensions. In a bedroom or in a living room, this XXL paneling brings a touch of originality and modernity. The decor tip here is to combine two colors but also to place the plates vertically and horizontally.

Wood on the tapestry

Leroy Merlin Heating a living room with wood and very simply becomes possible thanks to the wide choice of wood effect tapestries. Here we discover a living room where large planks are in the spotlight. For more authenticity, dare to combine different aspects!

Red bricks

Leroy Merlin The authenticity of red brick comes to your home with this tapestry. It's up to you to marry it with a retro, authentic, natural or country decor.

Black and white

All the decoration The decoration in black and white is your favorite? Opt for a leather effect wall. Here we discover a living room where the white sofa is highlighted by a black leather effect tapestry. A very successful contemporary touch!


Leroy Merlin Nothing like a fabric-like wall to make your bedroom a cozy space. Here the cocooning atmosphere is ensured by a shades of light colors.

Paneling look paper

Leroy Merlin Don't get me wrong! It is not paneling that we discover here but a paneling effect wallpaper. Easy to install, it allows you to quickly and inexpensively set up a warm decor.

Stone in the room

Leroy Merlin To give character to your bedroom, you can place stone effect wall tiles on the wall that accommodates the headboard. With this type of coating, white furniture, plants and parquet are highlighted.

All in velvet

Leroy Merlin Here is a different and totally successful decoration. The classic interior accommodates contemporary furniture and decorative objects in white color. The parquet floor has been repainted in shades of gray and the walls are covered with a very high-end velvet-effect tapestry.