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Spectacular ways to use OSB in the home

Spectacular ways to use OSB in the home

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Combining authenticity, durability and aesthetics, the OSB panel, a product derived from wood, is gradually establishing itself as an essential material for wooden constructions and interior decoration. Formed by oriented particles, its natural elegance, its ability to provide a warm contrast in contemporary interiors and its ability to brighten up minimalist homes is attracting more and more fans. Partition, desk, staircase or headboard, discover our ideas to remember.

A designer staircase

S.Zajaczkowski Ultra stylish this staircase with sharp curves made using OSB panels. Leading to the bedroom, it hosts storage cubes that ideally meet the practical storage needs of this small apartment. A good idea for space planning and optimization! Source: Arch Daily

Natural partitions

Doherty Design Studio - This is Paper Exit traditional partitions, for a warm and authentic interior, we opt for OSB partitions. Aesthetic and particularly economical, these represent an interesting alternative to personalize your living spaces without breaking the bank. Indeed, it costs only 10 euros per square meter. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it! Source: Doherty Design Studio & Apartment Therapy

A module to reinterpret spaces

Fperani Spectacularch Not easy to arrange a kitchen area, a living room and a bedroom with different storage areas in a small space! However, this is the challenge won by the Spectacularch agency which redefined the volumes and generated different spaces using the OSB. Thanks to a level game and a complex structure, it has thus created a module welcoming room and storage space! Spectacular! Source: Archilovers

Massive offices and a warm floor

Modelina Perfect for shaping a closet, to unify and warm the floor of an office or to bring a design touch to a room, the OSB feels good everywhere and that's what we like! Source: Modelina

Kitchen elements in OSB

Laure Joliet Here, the OSB planks were used to make kitchen elements with unparalleled charm. The soft and soothing tones of the OSB give the space a very Nordic style. Amazing! Source: Apartment Therapy

OSB ceiling

Miguel de Guzmán One way to hide unsightly or faded beams is to install OSB panels. Bonus, they have the advantage of being perfectly resistant to humidity and offer good sound and thermal insulation. Source: Elii

Hanging furniture

Studio Slot No more spending a small fortune on your furniture! If you are a handyman, you will be able to draw inspiration from the work carried out by the architect studio Slot to make you original and design furniture. At less than 10 euros per square meter, it's hard to do better when the budget is tight! Source: Studio Slot

A storage unit

Small Passport Available in panels of different sizes, the OSB can be cut and assembled like any wood, here in the form of an imposing storage unit imagined by the OneSeven Tree studio. Source: Petite Passport