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Christmas decor: Gold style according to Séverine

Christmas decor: Gold style according to Séverine

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For you, Christmas is a luxury version or not. It is the event of the year in your heart and it is therefore normal to make it a unique and precious moment. And when you are told of precious, you only see gold. Metallic but not cold, gold is the color of a waking dream, that of a perfect Christmas. With the Gold style of Maisons du Monde, watch your eyes!

A thornless Christmas

Maisons du Monde Are you dreaming of a carefree Christmas tree, shining brightly and matching your contemporary interior? He's right there, ready to show off your best Christmas baubles. Metal Christmas tree {rel = "nofollow"} golden H 95 cm, Maisons du Monde, 16.99 euros

In gold letters

Maisons du Monde We never say it enough then a "Merry Christmas" that invites itself between the branches of fir, it remains the happiest of messages (especially when it is golden). White and golden Christmas ball {rel = "nofollow"} in 8 cm glass, set of 6, Maisons du Monde, 17.94 euros

Real nuggets

Maisons du Monde These Christmas balls are real little fireworks: they crackle festive polka dots in white and glittery gold. Christmas ball in golden glass {rel = "nofollow"} 8 cm, set of 6, Maisons du Monde, 11.94 euros

My table tree

Maisons du Monde In a mini version, we love this tree, the ideal size to stand wherever you want. On the fireplace, the table or the desk, we can now say: Never without my tree! Golden Christmas tree {rel = "nofollow"} H 30 cm, Maisons du Monde, 5.99 euros

Precious flowers

Maisons du Monde This is what you need to create a royal table, both floral and luxurious. It’s a bit like eating in gold leaf, right? Plate in porcelain {rel = "nofollow"} white floral pattern, set of 2, Maisons du Monde, 11.98 euros

Hidden treasures

Maisons du Monde Gifts are also entitled to their festive attire. And then it's so much prettier when everything is coordinated, from the star of the tree to gift packaging. White and gold paper gift bag, Maisons du Monde, 1.59 euros

The notes of happiness

Maisons du Monde This notebook will be our precious throughout the celebration. We will note the happiness, the smiles, the wishes and the memories, we will then read it again to have golden stars in our eyes. Glitter notebook {rel = "nofollow"}, Maisons du Monde, 19.99 euros

We put our wealth

Maisons du Monde Here is the perfect jar to hide Santa Claus cookies. Once he has eaten them, we can then put our barley sugars and our papillotes. White porcelain jar {rel = "nofollow"} golden patterns, Maisons du Monde, 6.99 euros

The golden spiral

Maisons du Monde When it comes to drinking in moderation of exceptional beverages, containers are needed. The golden spiral of these glasses promises you a magical evening. Gold colored wine glass {rel = "nofollow"}, set of 6, Maisons du Monde, 35.94 euros