Marine decor in 10 keys in the little boys' room

Marine decor in 10 keys in the little boys' room

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They dream of being captain, sailor or pirate and a little imagination is enough to transform their room into an ocean of adventures. Yes, but with a decor inspired by the open sea, it's even better! Quickly, we fill up on "seaside" style decor ideas to satisfy our cherubim.

A piece of furniture in the shape of a beach shed

Goal ### Loosely inspired by the beach sheds, the design of the bed and the wardrobe brings the charm of the seaside into the child's bedroom.

Pirate-style bed linen

Cyrillus ### Because becoming a pirate is a little boy's dream, that's just for them, a bed set decorated with the drawing of a mini Captain Hook dressed in a sailor jacket and proudly waving the skull flag…

Decorative boats

La Redoute ### Your little boy does not dream of driving a racing car, but of sailing in the middle of the ocean. Never mind, it is time to multiply the decorative boats to travel his world off the Atlantic. It was a small ship…

Decorative fish

La Redoute ### When fishing for a seaside decor, we focus on the marine animal world. Displayed on cushions, it is the little fish that set the tone!

Paneling as a wall covering

Maisons du Monde ### Typical of houses by the sea, the wood paneling interferes in the child's room to create a marine mood. Because wall coverings are also part of the decor!

Rattan trunks

Maisons du Monde ### Borrowed from the typical seaside decor style, the rattan trunk becomes a stylish storage chest in the child's bedroom.

Marine stripes

Maisons du Monde ### Stitched to the dress code of the crew, the blue and white marine stripes embark the room aboard a boat. Approaching moussaillon!

Words that speak of the sea

Maisons du Monde ### "West wind", "gusts", "lighthouse of the east". This is what you can read on the headboard of this children's room, determined to create a change of scenery and take its owner on the open sea.

A boat-shaped piece of furniture

Point P ### A boat-shaped wardrobe planted in the middle of the room, and here it turns into a playground riveted to the ocean to the delight of its occupants!