Rooms to create in the attic

Rooms to create in the attic

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Comfort renovation - Attic

Comfort renovation A lounge area in the attic. The exposed beams, the parquet floor and the white walls provide a warm side.

Mobalpa Malawi - Attic

Mobalpa A bathroom space in the attic. A fresh style thanks to the blue colors, ideal for a room in the South.

Mobalpa Andana - Attic

Mobalpa A bathroom space in the attic. Warm colors ideal for a bathroom located in the North. The space is well optimized with the bathroom under the sloping wall.

Harnois - Attic

Harnois A bedroom space under the eaves. Light colors to bring brightness to the room. The decor is minimalist and gives an impression of space.

Exa Attic

Exa Attic An office space in the attic. The wood and the color of the floor create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the room. The three windows provide enough light for an office.