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New 3 Suisses collection: our selection at less than 50 euros

New 3 Suisses collection: our selection at less than 50 euros

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The new 2014 collection of 3 Suisses takes us on a journey between New York, the United Kingdom, Paris and California, focusing on prints and a "holiday" spirit. We have selected for you practical items for storage, decorative and colorful accessories to brighten up your interior at low prices ...

The pebble effect bath mat

3 Suisses Ideal for giving color to a light bathroom, this dark gray carpet with its pebble patterns, can be matched with towels of the same tone. We will choose the taupe, white or turquoise carpet depending on the atmosphere of the room ... Price: 12.99 euros.

The New York curtain

3 Suisses The new collection of 3 Suisses continues to take us on a journey: we love this blackout curtain which gives a New York spirit to our apartment. Price: 31.99 euros.

The click-clack cover

3 Suisses If you have a sofa or a sofa bed that is dull or in poor condition, choose this gray, black, red or taupe non-quilted cover, to choose according to the ambiance of your living room. A perfect solution to renovate your chair at a lower cost or simply change your style. Price: 49.99 euros

Union Jack rug

3 Swiss For the 3 Swiss, the flag of the United Kingdom is not necessarily red, blue and white ... but black, gray and white, like this carpet in Jacquard velvet fabric. To give a little more color, we choose an armchair, a table or anise green cushions. Price: 39 euros.

Monocase storage

3 Suisses Among the 3 Suisses' fall-winter 2014 collection, there is a whole range of storage options. We will choose for small spaces and small budgets this monocase on wheels, which will serve as a bedside table for a bedroom, or as a coffee table on which a plant is placed. You can also remove the drawer to place books. Price: 29 euros

The Tertio placemat

3 Suisses In the Tertio range, we adopt this orange placemat which brings an ideal color contrast with crockery and a gray or brown tablecloth. Cotton and reversible, it remains trendy for table decoration on all occasions. Price: 12 euros.

Protective covers

3 Suisses Soon the spring cleaning and you are about to sort the household linen? Why not choose decorative covers, in the colors and patterns that will brighten up your wardrobe? Practical, they have two handles, can be closed with a zip and are available in two sizes and 4 colors. Price: 25 euros.

The oilcloth tablecloth

3 Suisses No more coffee or fruit juice at breakfast! In addition to being practical, this brown oilcloth with white weights will bring a decorative touch to your kitchen. It is preferably placed on a round table. Also exists with red dots. Price: 9 euros.

The pear beanbag

3 Swiss There are all colors and gives a real touch of cheerfulness to your interior. Garnished with polystyrene beads, this pear keeps a constant volume. We can easily create a colorful and trendy living room! Price: 49 euros.