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New Aviva kitchens for a trendy style

New Aviva kitchens for a trendy style

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Because the kitchen takes an increasingly important place in our interiors, Aviva offers new models easy to integrate into your home thanks to materials and colors that follow the trends of the house. Discover in pictures, 10 new kitchens in tune with the times.

A compact and design kitchen

Aviva For kitchens that do not have the space to install a central island, Aviva also offers decorative models to install along a wall. The set is then more compact to adapt to your needs but does not abandon the style with a skillful mixture of black and white furniture very graphic.

A kitchen in a large room

Aviva If for you the kitchen is above all a reception room, then it will have to leave a lot of room at the table but also for traffic. The furniture can then find its place in a recess in the room or all around it in order to open the kitchen to the dining room.

A practical and friendly kitchen

Aviva The central island has become a staple of the kitchen but if you don't have room to install it in your room, you can still choose a central worktop. Smaller, it will accommodate a hob and a work plan and / or meal area. Reduced in size, it will promote circulation while structuring the kitchen.

A kitchen that blends in with the decor

Aviva For a kitchen that fits easily into your interior, you can also play on the chameleon effect by opting for a tone on tone. Here the white furniture blends with the walls of the same color to offer a feeling of space and purity. For the decorative touch, we put on some stainless steel accessories.

Two-color cuisine

Aviva The days of choosing a single kitchen color are over! Today, the choice of colors for the various pieces of furniture and cupboards is almost endless and you can offer yourself original and decorative combinations. Why not mix trendy colors like gray with worked wood? Note that the finishes of the handles are also customizable.

A kitchen that meets your habits

Aviva Do you like to eat meals in the kitchen? It will then be necessary to plan it from the design of it. For example, you can integrate a dining table into your other work plans. Not only will you be able to settle in, but you will also have additional space for cooking.

Sculptural cuisine

Aviva If you want your kitchen to be the real star of your living room, you can bet on a sculptural model that comes in a single block. Here, the wall surface is almost entirely covered in wood and accommodates low and high furniture. The credenza then seems to create a real unity between the different modules.

A cuisine inspired by the pros

Aviva Do you love cooking shows and dream of cooking inspired by that of chefs? You can easily find a spacious and very designer kitchen that will recall the large worktops intended for making treats. The extra thing? Choose a dining area to enjoy your dishes without waiting for a meal.

A living room kitchen

Aviva In order for the kitchen to find its place in a completely open space, it mixes clothing with the living room using the same furniture for the kitchen as for the storage of the living room. Even the living room table uses the design of the worktop to create a perfect unity of style.