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Spring is at the table!

Spring is at the table!

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The arrival of spring signs with him the awakening of nature. Leaves and flowers bloom in the garden and release their exhilarating colors. For us, it makes us want to take inspiration from it and put on the table with a spring air.

Peas put the cover back

Guzzini Pastel in color and with fuzzy contours, the peas continue to charm the dishes and in pastel color, you will have everything!

Brazil invites itself to the table

Fly A few months before the World Cup, raise the tone on your table with this tableware that is inspired by the lush and exceptional nature of the Amazon.

A tie and dye breeze blows on the table

Guzzini After the textiles, it's the dishes' turn to be seduced by this faded effect which softens the colors. In degraded tone on the plates, know that the "tie and dye" is also invited on the glasses.

Stripes for a spring look

Linvosges Stripes continue to print on the table this spring. Timeless and colorful, they elegantly dress your table.

Evoke the colors of summer flowers

Alinea Timeless and always answering the call, colorful dishes, in fine weather has an effect! With fresh and dapper colors they bring a touch of gaiety.

The timeless blue and white is back in service

LSA Chicissime, the association of blue and white always wins the votes from the first rays of sun.

Nature sits at the table

Alinea Leading the way, nature in all its variations continues to charm the dishes. In the waltz of colors, green is at the head of the file but we can prefer blue or yellow.

Scandinavian trend delights everyday

Ikea The new capsule collection from Ikea Brakig sports a palette of soft, pastel colors that brightens up everyday life.

Let the sun in

Alinea Bring a ray of sunshine on your table with this crockery which has a bright and bright yellow.