Discover the house that makes Swedes dream

Discover the house that makes Swedes dream

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Hemnet, a Swedish real estate sales site, analyzed clicks from visitors for a year to determine the ideal home for Swedes. With the help of two architects, they created this 120 m² house that has all the criteria that are most successful with the 2 million site users. Discover in pictures this home that makes the Swedes dream so much.

Spacious and bright rooms

Hemnet Hemmet Functionality is essential for the layout of the rooms in this house, as is the brightness. On the first level, an entrance hall serves a large kitchen bathed in light and open to an equally spacious living room. Upstairs, a mezzanine which gives access to the two bedrooms allows you to have a good height under ceiling in the kitchen which turns out to be a real living room.

Clean cuisine

Hemnet Hemmet Hemnet's study found that Swedes dreamed of "social" cuisine. More than a kitchen open to the living room, they want this room to be a real place to live. To feel good there, they opt for a refined decoration, with a stone worktop and white furniture. High ceilings and large openings make this kitchen a bright and very pleasant place to live.

A cozy living room

Hemnet Hemmet The ideal living room is very cozy. For Swedes, a perfect living room should include a stove or fireplace and a neutral and natural color sofa (gray, white, beige, brown or black). Large openings are again preferred to bring maximum natural light into the room.

A simple room

Hemnet Hemmet The Swedes dream of a rather minimalist room, with white walls and light parquet floors. Functional and pleasant, this upstairs room is very simply decorated. A large picture window gives access to the terrace, to have only one step between the bed and the outside.

An immaculate bathroom

Hemnet Hemmet The ideal bathroom must be very bright, according to the Swedes. They favor white earthenware on the walls and floor tiles. A skylight on the ceiling brings natural light to this windowless room. The ideal Swedish home has two bathrooms, this one is upstairs and a second, smaller one is on the first level.

A semi-open terrace

Hemnet Hemmet Most Swedish people want a balcony or a terrace. The architects then imagined this semi-open terrace, a bit like a patio, allowing you to enjoy a sunny space while being protected from the wind and prying eyes.