10 living kitchens signed Mobalpa

10 living kitchens signed Mobalpa

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At Mobalpa, the kitchen is a real living room! It then fits perfectly into other rooms such as the living room or the dining room with decorative styles that follow the trend. We invite you to discover 10 kitchens to live signed Mobalpa in images.

A kitchen integrated in the dining room

Mobalpa Here, the kitchen and the dining room are one. A beautiful unity is brought thanks to the wood which adorns both the kitchen furniture and the dining area. The dark work plan uses the color of the walls for perfect harmony.

A warm designer kitchen

Mobalpa Mobalpa kitchens take into account all trends. So, if you want a designer kitchen with black and white lacquered furniture and impeccable lines, you can still take advantage of the wood trend to warm it all up with a worktop and a wooden splashback. A beautiful association.

Decorative cuisine

Mobalpa In order for the open kitchen to find its perfect place in the rest of the house, Mobalpa had the idea of ​​bringing decoration into it. Thus, the decorative elements of the living room and the dining room interfere in the kitchen like these arrangements which accommodate vases and other decorative items.

A kitchen that integrates the living room

Mobalpa To provide continuity between the kitchen and the living room, the furniture in this model extends to accommodate living room elements such as the television. The whole then creates a certain homogeneity for a very decorative whole.

A kitchen for meals

Mobalpa Here, the kitchen is transformed into a dining room by installing a table of the same essence of wood as the furniture in the room. And so that it is an integral part of the room, cupboards have been installed above for a perfect unity.

A room with three spaces

Mobalpa To combine the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, this kitchen opens onto the living room by delimiting the space with the help of a work surface that can act as a bar. The work plan includes a part dedicated to meals in order to bring the three spaces together while being convivial.

Urban cuisine

Mobalpa The urban kitchen blends in with the decor of the rest of the room. Open kitchen, it flourishes on the wall surface and the furniture also has the same color as the walls so that it is fully part of the decor.

A kitchen that sets the tone

Mobalpa Here, the kitchen furniture sets the tone for the rest of the room! The lacquered beige meets the living room table, the chocolate worktop evokes the sofa for a color scheme that offers harmony to this large room that takes up the living room, the kitchen and a dining area.

A kitchen that disappears into the background

Mobalpa For this kitchen to blend into the decor of the dining room, it disappears behind the very decorative storage and finds its place perfectly in the middle of the contemporary furniture in the room.