In detail

Parade of wooden headboards

Parade of wooden headboards



### The cabin spirit intrudes into the bedroom with this headboard in the form of a fully-screened wooden screen. We love !

Raw wood

Vosges white

### Nature buffs should be wowed by this extraordinary headboard, simply made up of two planks of raw wood fixed to the wall. To be completed, why not, with a tree trunk-style coffee table!

For children


### Wooden slats assembled horizontally make up this adorable children's headboard. A skull motif even gives it a playful touch!

Extra large

Vosges white

### When the headboard plays with the monumental cheek, the decor of the bedroom takes on height and dazzles us…

Extra long

Vosges white

### After the extra large, make way for the extra long! Extending on both sides of the box spring, this headboard along the wall gives volume to the sleeping area, in a naturally wooded atmosphere.

Nature chic


### Blond wood, clean lines and integrated bedside table are the keys to this practical, chic and natural headboard.

Wooden shutter headboard

Houses of the world

## Tropicale ### The art of recycling wins the headboard! Made from a multitude of small recycled wooden slats from old Indian houses, it displays a tropical look that does not fail to create a change of scenery in the room.


La Redoute

### Notice to countryside style fans! Here is a headboard to say the least charming with its solid pine slats tinted with gray.


La Redoute

### Soft mix of nature and industrial style for this veneered wooden headboard with a steel structure.

To compose yourself

Houses of the world

This headboard is made from several raw wood planks. Stained in different shades to give a glimpse of the color of the wood, they create a revisited seaside spirit in the bedroom.

Ultra contemporary

Bo Concept

There are also wooden headboards with a design spirit. A beautiful illustration here! Composing a storage module, the latter accommodates two white night tables which contrast the color of the wood.

Chic and recuperated

Factory Chic

Made of pine and hand painted, this headboard is as decorative as a table for a new charming asset in your room. Handcrafted in Spain, it has a unique character for a unique decor!

Fake wood


It looks like wood but it is not wood! And yes, this head is actually a repositionable sticker that installs a cabin spirit in the blink of an eye. We like this pile of logs which gives the room warmth and authenticity.

Large upholstered panels

Zara Home

Create a headboard of the greatest effect without spending too much, by investing in large plates of medium that you line with trendy wallpaper.

In wooden cases

Essix Home Collection

We will soon have to collect around ten wooden cases to form this original headboard. Flea markets, empty attics and cases of wine are to be expected! To stack and decorate your favorite objects, they are a wonderful table of expression.

Moucharabieh way

La Redoute

Made of MDF and mango, this moucharabieh headboard gives the bedroom a warm atmosphere inspired by the lace windows of the east.


Essix Home Collection

We don't think about it often enough but you can have a wooden piece of furniture high enough to compose an original headboard. Arrange your most beautiful objects on it to stage them. And one last tip, opt for this solution if you want to separate a large room in two and give it a cozy look.

With integrated storage

Houses of the world

Ingenious for teenagers, this headboard hides on the sides of the shelves for placing books, the alarm clock or the console. At the same time saving space and decor, it fits into any room style with its gray mat color.


Houses of the world

Offering precious storage space on the sides, this bed combines a wooden platform that coordinates with a shelving headboard. Practical and functional for the parents' room, its structure is in natural matt varnished solid oak.